When ordering invitations from Poly Graphics you have a choice of two different types of paper.

smooth invitation paper up close

Our normal smooth paper or our linen paper.

These photos give you an idea of what the texture is like for each of these types of paper. These are zoomed-in photos – the smooth is much smoother to the touch than this photo looks. And the linen paper has the “woven” look that you see here, but the weave is not as big as it looks in this photo.

Linen invitation paper up close - from Poly Graphics

The linen paper is nice, has a nice feel, and comes with matching envelopes. Linen invitations and linen note cards cost 10% more than smooth invitations and smooth note cards. The linen paper and linen envelopes cost more to stock, that’s the reason for the 10% upcharge.

Each type of paper is also available in white or ivory (off-white, or natural) colors.

Let us know which you like best for your invitation order.


P.S. The linen paper works great for both formal invitations and informal invitations. We’ve done kids laser tag party invitations on linen paper and they look great.

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Fast & Fully Custom Graduation Invitations

The Poly Graphics ladybug moving fast

When you order invitations you usually need to get them fast…. after doing some calendar arithmetic to figure out when your invitation should be mailed sometime there  is not  much time to prepare invitations.

We want you to get your invitations out fast too. At Poly Graphics we are very sensitive to that.

If you are really in a hurry for your invitations we have a Rush option. Orders placed before 10am (Eastern US time) ship the same day they are ordered!  Which means we receive, proof, draft, receive your approval, update (if necessary), re-draft, print and ship your order all in 1 day.

Even non-Rush invitation orders get quick service – a draft of your order is posted within a day if your order was placed Monday thru Friday. Orders placed over the weekend or on a holiday are drafted and ready for review by the end  of Monday. When you approve we print & ship the same or next business day.

We’ll prepare your invitations quickly!

Here’s to speed,


P.S. Fast Birth Announcements, Fast Announcements, Fast Invitations, all just fast

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Have you ever wanted to change a color on an invitation that is almost perfect for your event?

Or change the graphic on an announcement?

Ask us and we’ll do that for you at Poly Graphics.

We’ll change it for you, be the design “close, but not quite” to “I want something entirely new”.

Ask us.

Although the home page at PolyGraphics.com says we have almost 4000 designs, we really have an infinite number of designs for you.

Each one of our products can have many variations – variations in color, type, and design that you can request.

graduation announcement brown pink green polkadot

This is one of our new designs – and we can see many, many variations.  Can you?

Infinite is like, without limits,


P.S. How about shades of blue?

P.P.S. June is half over already!  Only a few days left to save 10% off your order at PolyGraphics.com by using the code “BACKYARD10” in the special instructions field of the order form.

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Fast, Fully Custom, Graduation Announcements

If you’re moving to a new state, especially if it is not near your old state, friends might not know where your new town is located.

Let them know with your moving announcement!

moving announcement with your new state and location of your town

Your moving announcement from Poly Graphics will have your new city or town located on a map of your new state with your new state flower, bird, and other identifying items on it. These bring to mind post cards with tourist attractions on them – but your moving announcement is designed just for you.

If you visit PolyGraphics.com’s U.S. State Moving  Announcement page  and see that your new town is where a graphic is, don’t fret. We’ll move the graphic that is in the way and place a dot where your town is.

Hope your move is as painless as possible,


P.S. You’ll get your moving announcements very quickly – your order is drafted within 24 hours (Sun-Thur), and shipped as soon as possible after you approve it – usually 48-72 hours after you place your order with PolyGraphics.

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Giving to Charities

Personalized note cards in a clear gift box

Personalized note cards are an excellent gift idea.

As a teacher gift, as a unique thank you, or for a friend’s birthday or celebration.

Ask Poly Graphics to put them in a clear gift box for an even bigger impact.

If you’d like us to ship your gift directly to your recipient, we’ll take a photo of your gift before we send it out – and email it to you – so that you can see the gift that you’ve sent.


P.S. Enjoy your search for note cards and remember that at PolyGraphics.com we can make almost unlimited changes to your order – to graphics, fonts, and colors of both. Let us know what changes you’d like us to make in the special instructions part of the order form.

P.P.S. If you don’t see a design that you like at Poly Graphics, we’ll be happy to create something for you. Just Ask.

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