vampire in casket scary party invite

Are you hosting a Halloween Party this year? Planning to make your house the scariest in the neighborhood?

Now’s the time to get going.

Make sure you’ve got lots of cobwebs and detached limbs lying around the house. And have some gross looking food too… maybe gummy worms in oreo cookie dirt.. or potato eyeballs… let your imagination fly.

trick or treat party invitation

Have you considered custom printed halloween party invitations? These unique invitations will start your party before your party starts. Set a ghoulish theme… or a trick-or-treat bonanza… with invitations that you have complete control over. Want black? You’ll get black. Orange? we’ll print your invitations in orange.

Scary witch at a boiling pot party invitation

Have fun planning your memorable Halloween celebration!


P.S. If you’re waiting (or have waited) until the last minute to plan your party Poly Graphics has super fast turnaround time… and you can even Rush your order and get your invitations printed and sent the same day or next day.

P.P.S If you don’t like the designs here, browse our Halloween Party Invitations page or send us your idea.

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Your invitation is proofread several times

Birthday Invitations for Your Child

Today I’m letting our customers write:

“Thanks for the great invitations-they were a hit!! I’ll be looking for the thank you notes in the mail!! Thank you again,”  Christy E.

“Perfecto!  You guys rock!  I can’t believe how fast your response is.” – K.B.

“Have recommended you guys to several friends, will be needing his graduation invites next May definitely will be using you. Stay Cool” – Fran V.

“My son is very excited about the invitations.” – Carrie R.

“We recently ordered retirement invitations!! they were GREAT!” – Sandy S.

“Thank you so much for your speedy service!” – Leigh C.

“I LOVE the sample!!! It looks great.” – Shea C.

“Thanks sooooo much.  I love the design and it is perfect for my son’s party.” – Christine M.

“Everything looks great and [my son] is so excited that his invitation has a hockey player on it!” –  Cheryl M.

These are just a sample of how hard we work for you. Do you have an upcoming celebration that you need invitations for? Try Poly Graphics… and add your comment to this list!



P.S. Do you have a comment about your order – or just want to tell us something? Send a comment to Poly Graphics here

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Save Money on Your Invitations

Your Price Includes What Others Charge Extra For

This drives me crazy.

The only time you should use “Your Invited” is when you are putting another word right after Invited that describes who you have invited, like “Your Invited Guests”, or “Your Invited Friends”. Here, your invited describes the guests, or describes the friends.

You’re Invited means You Are Invited.

Your Invited, by itself, means nothing – Your Invited What?

You Are Invited to use You’re Invited on any informal invitation at Poly Graphics.

If you enter your wording as Your Invited on your online order form at Poly Graphics, we will correct it to say You’re Invited

In short, don’t use Your Invited  on your invitation.



P.S. That felt good to get that out

P.P.S. Yes, your wording is proofread when you order from Poly Graphics. We proofread it once when we prepare your draft, and we proofread it again after it is printed. Double-proofed!

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Your Order is Proofread

Invitations Drafted By People, Not Machines

Here’s a great Sunday Comic for you (click for a larger version)

Lio Comic Aug 15, 2010 from

I’m sure you like to save money whenever possible.

Your prices for invitations at are great!

We do our best to keep our costs down at Poly Graphics so that your price is low.

Poly Graphics doesn’t go crazy with discounts because your invitation prices are very good to start with.

Extra charges? There is no extra charge at Poly Graphics for preparing drafts (and re-drafts), no extra charge for envelopes, no extra charge for preparation of your personal web page to review and approve your order, no extra charge for our standard high quality card stock (no flimsy paper), no extra charge for proofreading your wording for correctness and to make sure nothing is left out, no extra charge for our 24 business hours* or less draft preparation, and no extra charge for the ability to fully customize your order – fonts, colors, graphics – all can be changed the way you like them.



P.S. You qualify for Free Shipping for orders of $75 or more, and if you subscribe to our newsletter you’ll usually get a discount code in each issue.

*A business day at Poly Graphics is Monday thru Friday, with exceptions only for major United States holidays. If you order on a Monday your order will be ready to review within 24 hours – or on Tuesday. If you order on a Friday your draft will be ready before the end of Monday.

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