For many years people relied on sending paper invitations to their guests. Paper is nice, but there are some things that paper invitations cannot do.

hand writing an invitation with a pen

  1. You can not send paper invitations to the wrong email address. You may confuse Bill Anderson, your accountant, with Bill Andresson, your neighbor, when looking up their email addresses to send emailed invitations.. I’m pretty sure your neighbor will be more fun at your party than your accountant.
  2. A paper invitation will not get automatically moved to your email’s spam folder and get lost. Did you know that the most opened piece of paper mail delivered are invitations? An invitation sent through the mail will not be stamped “spam” as unwanted mail without you knowing about it.
  3. Have you heard about the computer virus going around that looks, at the start, like an emailed invitation? When you click on a link in the email to see the invitation details, you are taken to an unscrupulous website and a virus is loaded onto your computer. A paper invitation won’t do that.
  4. What does your email inbox look like? Are there hundreds or thousands of emails that are unread and waiting for your attention? Is there an electronic invitation to a party that was held last week in there? A paper invitation won’t get lost in your computer’s inbox.
  5. If your inbox is looking pretty good and you are on top of everything that is coming in, do you read and remember everything as it arrives? Have you ever been distracted while going through your inbox and forgot what you just read? A paper invitation, because it is something that you can keep and post on your bulletin board or refrigerator will not be forgotten easily.

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P.S. OK, you’ve figured it out – I think paper invitations are far, far better than emailed invitations. I thought it was kind of interesting to look at it from a different angle. Did you?

P.P.S. There’s just something wonderful about paper – so many things these days are on the computer or smartphone – to actually touch something and have it to refer to are just great. I’ll write more about this soon.

P.P.P.S. Oh, find some great invitations at

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Invitations from Poly Graphics are not for everyone. If you want to see immediately what your invitation will look like, after spending your time to place your wording exactly where you want it, where you are the designer of the card, don’t order from us. We’re more than a printer.

When you order from Poly Graphics here is what will happen: a designer will be assigned to you, they will take your wording and your instructions and craft it onto the card that you have chosen. This will happen within 24 hours*. It’s not immediate. Normal, non-Rush orders usually ship within 3 weekdays. You can speed this up by ordering with our Rush Option.

With Rush we will design, seek your approval, re-design until you are happy, print, proofread and ship your order the same day or next day! That makes Poly Graphics home of the fastest personalized invitations in the world!

Yes, the drafting and online approval process does take some time, but you are the director at Poly Graphics – not the designer. Would you rather direct or design?

we start with a blank card and add only what you want

You also have many more options when you order from Poly Graphics.

Tell us what color you would like for your wording AND for all graphics.

Tell us what size you want the graphics, that your child will be 6, or that you are moving to Smithfield. We’ll put 6 candles on the cupcake for your invitation, or we will highlight Smithfield on the map of your moving announcement.

Send us a photo to include on your card and we’ll design it in.

We think that starting with a blank card and adding exactly what you want, how you want it, is a great advantage for you to enjoy the perfect invitations.

If you have the time, patience, and the gumption… go to another site where you can be the designer.

If you don’t have the time and want the easy, fast, flexible way – where you direct us, then order from Poly Graphics.

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P.S. Yes, it’s true, Invitations ordered from Poly Graphics with the Rush Option are, indeedthe fastest personalized invitations in the world!

P.P.S. Could personalized invitations shipped the same day you order them be any faster?

*24 hour turnaround is guaranteed for non-holiday weekdays. Weekend turnaround is not guaranteed and we don’t work on Sundays and holidays. We want to make you happy, but we value our family time. It’s very important to me that you know that Poly Graphics can do everything that we say we can do. So I want you to understand what 24 hour turnaround and same day Rush processing means. If you have questions about this please call 866-345-7659 (USA only)


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Here’s an example of a Special Request Announcement Crafted by Poly Graphics

A few weeks ago we received a special request from Carmen for a graduation announcement. She wanted to include 3 photos. A young photo of her son, a photo of him as he is today, and a graduation cap. Carmen wanted a folded card that had her son’s young photo on the front, then his graduation photo and graduation announcement wording inside. We said “Yes”. This was definitely something that we could do for Carmen.

A few days later Janet, one of our designers, crafted what you see here. The announcements turned out great! These photos don’t do it justice – it really looks nice in person. (we blurred the wording intentionally in the inside photo)

Graduation Announcement with child and graduate photos

Carmen saw the draft that Janet prepared and was very happy. When Carmen received the announcements, she was overjoyed. Carmen got more than she expected!

inside of a photo graduation announcement

Carmen’s announcement special request was completed – from asking to delivery-  in 2 weeks time. Her unique announcements were limited to exactly how many she wanted – truly personalized printing. We kept one to use as a sample because it turned out so great.

For most special requests we ask for a week to prepare the design. With busy days at Poly Graphics and our children’s schedules we can usually find time in a week for special requests, but not in our normal 24 hour turnaround.

We do not charge extra for special requests if the design is something that we can add to the invitation collection at We did have to charge a design fee when we had a request for an Ultimate Frisbee + Wine Tasting Wedding Shower. If your event is something that other people may want to buy from our website, and not as unique as the frisbee + wine tasting celebration there will be no design charge.

Note that our availability for Special Requests is limited, so please give us plenty of lead time. If we have several special requests already underway, yours may be delayed because we just cannot fit everything into the time we have. Please understand that we want to do our best work for you and to craft the perfect announcement for you takes time.

If you have a Special Request, ask here

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P.S. Thank you for the opportunity to prepare something special for your celebration

P.P.S. When you order from Poly Graphics you are getting personalized, limited edition cards, that are crafted to your specifications.

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With the Rush Processing option at you can get your invitations as quick as the same day. Watch this for more:

fast invitations, personalized invitations in a day

Fast Invitations - Same or Next Day Shipping - How to Video

Invitations shipped the same day or next day



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P.S. The Rush option is available at on the order page where you enter your shipping and billing information

P.P.S. When you order Rush, you are assigned a designer that works with you until you are happy.


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