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What Are Full Service Invitations?
At the grocery store do you like the self-checkout lane or the full service lane?

If you like the Full Service lane than this is for you.

Isn’t it nice to get all the help you need with your invitations and still get your order as fast as possible?

Full Service Invitations means that you don’t have to do as much as self service
Full Service is done-for-you and designed-for-you
Full service means that you get to communicate with someone who helps you one-on-one
Full Service is easier for you
Full Service is faster for you
Full Service is when you get help and advice

Full Service Invitations mean that you get exactly what you want, with little of your effort and time

serving and helping you get the perfect personalized invitations

Your Invitation Is Sure to be Perfect With Full Service

With Full Service Invitations you get …

– wording help,
– any wording that you want,
– as much wording as you want,
– advice and samples that show the formatting of your wording (to make sure that the wording on your card looks great),
– typesetting of your wording is completely done for you,
– proof(s) are crafted for you,
– proofs are prepared for you until you are happy,
– a professional designer is assigned to craft your invitations,
– your designer works with you one-on-one until you are happy,
– your wording is proofread. proofread at least twice,
– you can suggest changes to a design,
– you can ask for advice,
– suggestions for improvement, if any, are made to you,
– you don’t have to wait long,*
– you can ask for changes to the colors,
– you can ask for changes to the graphics,
– you can ask for changes to all your wording,
– you can ask for an entirely new design,
– someone answers the phone or returns your call promptly,^
– you are treated with respect,
you are spoiled,
– the information on your invitation is checked for spelling,
– you can rely on lots of experience to get the perfect invitation for you,
– you can ask for things exactly as you like them (we’ll hold the olives if you want)

How You Get Full Service Invitations

Go to PolyGraphics.com. That is where you’ll get the only Full Service Invitations.

* even though your invitations from Poly Graphics are hand-crafted to your specifications, your proofs are prepared quickly – with a weekday.

^when you call Poly Graphics you get to speak with a live person. Because we may be busy spoiling another person, you may not get someone immediately. Leave a message, we’ll call back soon.

P.S. If you want to be the one that does the typesetting and want to get an instant preview of what your invitation might look like, try another invitation place.

P.P.S. I hope you can tell by the list above that Full Service Invitations are Faster, Easier, and more Flexible than self service invitations

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