Jan 25

What? No Instant Preview of My Invitation Design?

People who have ordered from other online invitation companies sometimes say that they would like to see an instant preview. But most understand after working with Poly Graphics that not having an instant preview is actually better.

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And here are 5 reasons why having a dedicated designer is better than instant preview:

  1. It saves you time. You don’t have to fiddle and move your wording around to fit the design. Instead of taking 30 minutes for you to get it all looking right, just take 5 minutes to type your party information. We just need your wording, not your time.
  2. It’s more comforting. One of our designers proofreads your wording – looking for stuff you left out, misspellings, correct English and word usage. At least two people review your order before it is finalized for you.
  3. People are better at design than machines. All you have to do is look a Jeopardy and the Watson computer. IBM spent years and untold money building a machine that is he size of 10 refrigerators to play a game. Yeah, Watson’s good at it, the machine beat the humans in the game. But design is a different story. The human eye can detect things that a computer cannot. Look and feel are not things that a machine is good at.
  4. We will work with you until you are happy. When you place your order we are immediately notified and your requests are sent to a designer. 24 hours or less later, a draft is prepared for you to review. If we didn’t get it just like you expected, tell us and we’ll fix it.
  5. The many tweaks and corrections that a designer can make cannot be done with just an online preview. For instance, we have a font that we use that has a capital I that looks like a J. If you choose that font for your invitation, we look over all your text and manually replace all the funny looking I’s with a replacement that we have developed.

Are you worried about it taking longer to receive your order because a designer is working on your order? Don’t worry. When you place your order we are immediately notified and your requests are sent directly to a designer. 24 weekday hours or less later, a draft is crafted for you to review. If we didn’t get it just like you expected, we’ll work with you until you are happy.

Most orders ship within 3 days. Rush orders ship the same or next weekday.

Does that make you feel better?

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P.S. Can you tell that we like to get your order approved and to you as soon as we can?

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