May 28

accurate invitations are our goal at Poly Graphics

When ordering invitations online it is nice to be able to be sure that they are exactly correct.

Most of the time there is no extra time to re-do invitations. There is a deadline to meet so that your guests can receive their invitations and  have enough time to RSVP to your celebration. Usually there is no time to waste.

At Poly Graphics we have a designer work with you to make absolutely sure that your invitation is exactly right. Your designer prepares your draft, which you review on your private page.

When you view your draft we ask for your feedback.

  • Is the wording correct?
  • Is everything spelled correctly?
  • Are the dates right?
  • Do the graphics look right?
  • Are the colors what you requested?

If anything is out of line, let us know. We’ll correct your draft – and work with you until everything is as you like it.

the draft - review - correct - ok process at Poly Graphics

No fears!  The  draft – review – correct  cycle is here …. until you say OK.


P.S. Did I mention that drafts and corrections to drafts are provided to you at for No Extra Charge?

P.P.S. This process applies to anything you order from Poly Graphics – invitations, note cards, stickers, stationery, & more.

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