Feb 17

I believe in giving.

Poly Graphics practices this by giving a portion of our sales to charity.

We’ve been blessed to provide services to our customers that they love. And we spread the love by supporting others.

In particular, if you buy any of our Cancer Awareness products, like Breast Cancer Ribbon note cards, we will donate 10% of your order total to a Cancer related charity. It’s the right thing to do.

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When you help others get what they want, you get closer to getting what you want.

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2 Responses to “Buy Cancer Awareness Note Cards and 10% Goes to Charity”

  1. Dion S Says:

    Wow! Your info was great. I think internet is the best way to make others know about how to help people who are in distress all over this world. Internet is the latest, safest, fastest way to donate to a cause. And there are many sites who are offering this facility. Donate to charity, Help a cause.

  2. Have We Lost Our Manners? Thank You Note Tips — Poly Graphics Says:

    […] Buy Cancer Awareness Note Cards and We’ll give 10% to Charity […]

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