May 07

Bumblebee & Flower Invitation - Blank

Do you want your invitations blank?  With no wording?

We can do that – just don’t put any wording in the “wording” field on the order form at Or just put “no wording” as the wording.

We will apply a 10% discount to your order if you request no wording.

But, first, let me try to talk you out of it.

Are you worried about how long it will take your order to get to you?

We’ve got some really fast options for you:

1) With a RUSH option we print and ship the same day (M-F, orders placed before 10am Eastern U.S. time), or next day (Sun-Thur, orders placed after 10am Eastern US time). [Typical total time between order and ship – less than 30 hours]

2) Our normal process – within 24 hours (M-F) your order is posted for your review. When we receive your approval we print and ship the next business day, where a business day is Mon-Fri. [Typical total time between order and ship – less than 72 hours]

3) Are you sure about your wording? Order with No Draft. We’ll prepare and ship your order the next business day. [Typical total time between order and ship – less than 48 hours]

Are you not sure about your party details?

Review the list above – we prepare and ship your order very quickly. If you order before you know all the details, then let us know what to add or change, we’ll have a draft prepared and your order printed and shipped speedily.

Can your printer print on heavy card stock?

Our standard invitation is 5″ x 7″ on 80lb cover paper. This paper is heavy, like an index card or business card, and may not go through your printer. Also, your printer is probably optimized for 8 1/2″ x 11″ 20lb office paper. Can it handle the size and weight of an invitation?

Worried that we won’t get the wording right?

The draft process at PolyGraphics is designed to assure you that what you requested and what you see is as close as possible to what you will get. You’ll love to see and be able to comment about your order when you review the design we’ve prepared for you.

Yes, you can order your invitations blank. But do you want to?

Looking forward to serving you,


P.S. Just today we had a customer tell us ‘I like this “proof” process!‘ (thanks Joe!)

P.P.S. Want more information about the paper that we use? See my previous post about paper weight.

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