The Fourth of July is one of our very favorite holidays; a day filled with food, fun, family and fireworks. What else could you want when it’s time to find your inner Yankee Doodle Dandy? If you’re the party host, now is the time to order your custom-made July 4th invitations from Poly Graphics, so that  the family, neighbors, and friends will be talking good things about you for yet another year.

We know you don’t have time to design your invitations off the web—that’s why we will do all of the work for you from the ground up. We’ll place your text, change your colors, and design your graphics. You will be opening up your fresh stack of personalized invitations all within three business days of initially placing your order. And your 5 x 7 invitations will make an impression when your guests feel them in their hands. Our paper is high quality 80-100 lb. cover stock. You can choose from 19 different colors of envelopes, including white or ivory.

Here are five tips from us to help you prepare your invitations:

  • Send them out on time so your guests can reply on time.
  • Proofread! We’ll help you catch any mistakes in your proofing stage, too.
  • Include your name, party theme, address, phone number/email, date, RSVP information, start time/end time, and any additional instructions like what you’re providing, or if your guests need to bring a swimsuit.
  • But don’t put your zip code on your invitation since zip codes aren’t needed by GPS systems and guests will have your zip from the envelope’s return address.
  • Make sure all of your wording is in the third person. So for example, you’ll want to say “Al and Alice invite you to their 2012 Fourth of July Bash” not “our bash.”

Call us today—will love helping our customers make a great impression with our invitations, which will ensure your party and/or event is a success every time!


This article on 4th of July party Invitation ideas is brought to you by the good folks at Poly Graphics located in Apex, NC.

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Here at Poly Graphics we craft some awesome fully personalized invitations and we like to get them to you as soon as possible. Most times it takes longer to ship them to you than it does for us to design and print them.

When we ship the invitations we always let our customers know their tracking number so that they can see the progress of their order.

If you want to know when a package shipped by the US Post Office, UPS, or FedEx is going to arrive, each shipper has an online tool.

Let’s look at them.

Before you start make sure that you have the zip codes for both the “from” and the “to” locations for your package. shipping estimator on main page

US Post Office shipping time estimator tool

USPS Post Office Package Shipping Time Tool
On the left side menu, click “Calculate a price”

Enter zip codes on the USPS postage calculator

Enter to and from zip codes

You’ll be taken to
Fill in the destination, then the From Zip code and To Zip Code
Select a service. I usually scroll down and pick “Package”
Enter a weight (1lb works)

US Post Office delviery time estimator

US Post Office delivery estimate

Click on a blue bar for any service to see the delivery dates for a package shipped today, or the next day that the post office is open.

UPS location of delivery time and cost estimator

UPS Calculate Time & Cost

UPS Package Shipping Time Tool
Go to
[you might have to select your country if you haven’t visited in a while]
On the left side look for “Calculate Time & Cost”

calculate the time and cost for a UPS package

UPS enter weight and zip codes

Put in a package weight (1lb is good)
Enter your zip code
Enter the “to” or destination zip code
If shipping to someone’s house, select “residential”. UPS rates are lower for business addresses than for houses.

UPS guaranteed delivery time example

UPS Guaranteed Delivery Time

Look for the “Guaranteed By” date to see when your package will arrive

Get rate and delivery time for FedEx packages

FedEx Get Rates & Transit Times

Federal Express (FedEx) Shipping Time Estimator
Go to
[you may have to select your Country if you haven’t visited FedEx recently]
Under the Quick Access Menu on the left, select “Get Rates & Transit Times”

Federal Express FedEx enter sip codes to get rates and delivery times

FedEx enter From and To Zip Codes

Enter your zip code in the “From Zip”
and the destination zip code in “To Zip”
Enter 1lb as the weight
use the drop down menu and select “Drop off at a FedEx location”
and select “Ship to a residence” if the package is going to someone’s house, not a business address.
Next FedEx wants the type of package that you are shipping and the value of the contents of your package. If you don’t know, just put in a guess or 8” x 8” x 8”

Example of a FedEx delivery date and time estimate

FedEx Delivery Time Estimate Example

Get a map of delivery times from your location
UPS at and
for FedEx at


UPS Map for Ground service from Apex, NC 27502

UPS Ground Service Times from Apex, NC

All three shippers break up the United States into 8 zones. The zone that your zip code is in is usually called Zone 1. The location the farthest away from you is Zone 8. UPS makes an exception for Hawaii and Alaska which get special codes (44 and 46).

For example, Poly Graphics is located in zip code 27502 which is in Apex, North Carolina on the east coast of the United States. South Carolina is Zone 8

If you want to see a zone chart for USPS go to
UPS will let you download a spreadsheet at

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P.S. This was written On April 20, 2012. This information was current and correct when written, but may not have any changes made to the websites since then. I did the best I could with what I saw on the day I wrote this.

P.P.S. This information applies to packages shipping within the United States only. Shipping a package globally is a whole different thing.

P.P.P.S. When you need personalized invitations or note cards quickly, Poly Graphics is a great place to get them. We will spoil you. Order some for your next celebration.


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Expecting a delivery last week, I noticed that it was shipping via FedEx Home to our office.

FedEx Home usually delivers late in the day – when people are expected to be home from school and work.

But my package was getting delivered to work – it was very likely that I wouldn’t be at work when it was delivered.

Well, I wasn’t.

The delivery came after 6:00 p.m. I wasn’t at the office. Jane, our neighbor took the package for me.

Here’s the amazing part.

The office and my house are about 3 miles apart. Our FedEx Home guy’s route covers both our office and our house.

He drove to our house to tell me that he dropped our package off at our office!

The FedEx guy knows me, knows my family, and took the extra effort to let me know about the package.

I am very impressed. What awesome service!

I hope I’m not the only one that has told the local office how great he is.


P.S. Our US Mailman Bob is a great guy too.

P.P.S. Have you had a great experience with FedEx, or UPS, or the US Post Office?

Bob was on TV the other night describing his support of the Apex High School Booster Club (Apex Cougar Club) and a new iPhone app that we’re trying out to raise funds. See it on the Raleigh, NC WRAL TV News website

Supporting our community is very important to us.  You meet great people when you volunteer your time for groups like these.