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“If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.” author unknown

Are you a last minute kind of person and have not gotten to your Christmas Cards yet?

Don’t give up. There’s still time for you to order personalized holiday cards, get them printed, and sent to your friends before Christmas – and not have to ask for the Rush Option.

Select a card design from one of our Christmas Card pages. (We’ve got some new photo Christmas Cards that may interest you.)

Order up some cards, give us 24 hours* and you’ll have a draft ready to review.

When we get your approval (we’ll work with you until you are happy), we’ll print & ship ASAP.

Check our shipping times for an idea of how long it will take to get to you.

If you can get your cards written and envelopes in the mail before December 22, your friends should get your card before Christmas (as long as they live in the continental US).

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* 24 hours, as long as it’s not a weekend – we don’t work on Sundays and UPS won’t ship on Saturday or Sunday

P.S. If the shipping time you find on the UPS chart is too long, we’ll ship Overnight (USPS Express Mail), or UPS 2nd Day Air so you can get your cards faster.

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What to Say on Your Christmas Card

It’s great to keep in touch with neighbors, family, and friends you don’t see or haven’t seen for years by sending Christmas Cards to each other.

But what should you say in your card?

You could make it short and sweet and say “Happy Holidays from our family” or “Merry Christmas from the Smiths“.

But is that enough?

Some people like to write a letter to their friends, detailing all the things that happened through the year. These are great for learning about what your friends and their family are up to.

I think it’s great to have some kind of personalized message. Did you move this year? Or are you planning to move next year? You could say “greetings from <your new city> from the family“.

You could also use location themed Christmas Cards, like the U.S. State Holiday Cards at Poly Graphics.

Religious Wording

Since the reason for Christmas is Christ, a Bible verse may be appropriate. Isaiah 9:6 is a good one: “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Wording sending your blessings and happiness for the new year are also a great idea.

You can look for more at

Sign Your Christmas Card

It’s nice to have a pre-printed message all your own on the card, then add a little hand written message – or at least sign your family name – or have all your family members sign your Christmas Card.

We all have less time than we’d like. It’s great to have friends and family remember you by sending you a Christmas Card, but it’s also worth the time to send out cards for your own family.

Best Wording Plan

Think for a few minutes about your year – what happened, what you’ve got planned for next year, and what you wish for your friends and family. Write it down.  Come back later and see if it still sounds good to you. Show it to your family and see how they feel about it.  Then go with it!

Enjoy being creative with your Christmas Card wording and have fun picking out a Christmas Card design,

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P.S. There’s a great selection of personalized, customizable Christmas Cards at – and we’ll print almost any wording that you want on the inside.

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Are you looking for a unique Christmas Card?
Family Photo Holiday Card with Family Names on Stockings

Photo cards are great, but can all your friends remember your family’s names?

How about a holiday card with both your family photo and your names on it?

When your friends get this card, they’ll be reminded of all of your children’s names – and even your pet’s names. Yes, we’ll add a stocking for your pet dog or cat to the mantle and put their name on it.

If you’ve got a big family or lots of pets, you might want to order the wide version – we have fit up to 8 stockings on the mantle – each one with a member of your family’s name on it.Named Stockings on Mantle with Family Photo above

Ordering this Christmas Card is easy, fun, and fast at

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P.S. If you don’t like these designs, we’ve got plenty more Christmas Card designs available – or you can request a Christmas Card design.

Have you procrastinated?  Or gotten carried away with work or shopping this year and your Christmas cards are just a faint vision on the horizon?

It’s not too late to order custom designed Christmas Cards from

We have a large selection of Christmas Cards that you can modify endlessly to make them the way you like. We will change wording, graphics, and layout of wording and graphics to the way you want them. All colors of text and graphics can also be changed.

If you’s like to send New Year’s Cards instead we can modify any of our Christmas Greeting Card designs to say “Best wishes for 2010”  for you.

Check the Christmas Greeting Card designs out at

Rush orders are shipped the same or the next business day!

Better late than never, I say.


Took a few quick photos of some of the Christmas greeting cards and Christmas party invitations available from Poly Graphics.

Here’s an example of what they look like in person.






Thanks for looking,


Are you planning a Christmas party?  Looking for a unique invitation for your Christmas celebration?

Here are a few ideas for you.

Or there are some other ideas at our Christmas Party Invitations page.

If you don’t see anything you like, we’ll be happy to hear your ideas and we will consider creating your special invitation. Let us know about your idea on our comment page.

Poly Graphics will customize these invitations for you with your wording and  your colors – all included at our normal price. We do not charge extra for customization. We’ll prepare a draft of your order and wait for your approval before we print. Of course you can add things to your order like customized return address seals.

One of our customers told us that ordering from Poly Graphics is easy and fun.  Ordering is fun!  I hope your ordering experience is entertaining too.

Enjoy your Christmas party,


You might consider ordering this ultra-customizable Christmas Greeting Card from Poly Graphics.

This is one version of our Stockings design:


Note that we can change the names on each stocking, stocking sizes and colors, even add stockings for pets with dog or cat toys in them.

The wording at the top can be changed to almost whatever you want. The wording on this sample is just to be used as an example for you.


Notice that you can request that we change the mantle to wood or to yellow or to whatever color you would like.

The text on the inside of the card can be whatever you’d like. Send your friends and family a warm message of holiday greetings, wishes for the new year, or a sentence about how your year was. Your choice. Our graphics designer will create the card you desire – then you can review and approve iton our online draft review page that we create just for you.

Thanks for letting us celebrate the holidays with you!


A common question we get at Poly Graphics is “What can I change on my cards?”

Almost everything! – All graphics and all text can be modified to your liking…

– We can change the colors of any graphics and any text

– We can change the size of any of the graphics and any of the text

While ordering from Poly Graphics use the Special Instructions area to let us know what you would like changed on the item you have selected.  For example, if you don’t like the red santa suit on a Holiday Greeting Card because you are a University of North Carolina fan, tell us to “turn santa’s suit blue” and we will change it to a Carolina Blue color.

Special Instructions - on Poly Graphics Order Form

Special Instructions - on Poly Graphics Order Form

We’ll take your instructions to do our best to prepare your draft to your specifications. If we draft it different than you thought, let us know – we’ll redo it.

Thanks for considering Poly Graphics for your card, invitation, and custom Holiday Greeting Cards. We look forward to your order and the chance to serve you.


Is it time to move and everyone is wondering where you are going?

State of Florida Moving  Announcement

State of Florida Moving Announcement

These might help. Poly Graphics sells moving announcements that have the location of your new town on them. This gives your friends and relatives an idea of where you are when you relocate.

New York New Address Card

New York New Address Card

Our moving announcements have your new town highlighted. If you are near some major city we can also put that city on your new address card. Is there a graphic in the way of where your town is? We can move it. Tell us the name of the town you are moving to and we will arrange the entire announcement around the location of your new town. When you view the proof we will ask you to confirm that the location we have is correct.

We have moving announcements for every state from Alabama to Wyoming.

North Carolina Holiday Moving Announcement

North Carolina Holiday Moving Announcement

Are you moving near the holidays and want to say that you are moving and spread holiday cheer?  All of the United States are available with Christmas lights. Add your personalized holiday greeting and you’ve covered two mailings with one.

All cards from Poly Graphics allow changes to colors, graphics, wording, and location of all these items.