Your invitation will get extra attention when it arrives in a color envelope

your choice of color envelopes is now included for no extra charge when you order invitations from

19 different colors of envelopes are available for you

Your guests will be curious and excited when they receive your invitation. It will certainly stand out in the mail and get quick attention.

Today we’re announcing that when you order invitations from you will get color envelopes included with your order for no extra charge!

You’ll have a choice of 19 different colors, including white and ivory.

Choose from…
4 blues (royal, navy, light, and aqua), 4 greens (hunter, kelly, lime, and pastel), 2 pinks (baby pink and hot pink), gold, yellow, red, purple, brown, orange, black, ivory and white – what choices!

How exciting it will be for all of your guests to get your unique invitation in an envelope with a coordinating color. It will attract attention for sure.

But you won’t just get nice color envelopes when you order from Poly Graphics – you’ll get designed-for-you service that makes ordering fast, and you’ll get proofs ready for your review within 24 weekday hours – or for the fastest invitations anywhere order with Rush service… your invitations will ship the same or next weekday!

We don’t like to keep you waiting, but that doesn’t mean that we hurry through your order – you will be spoiled. Your wording will be proofread several times and your drafts will be prepared and changed for you until you are happy.

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t find a design that you like at – we take requests! Ask us and we will turn your idea and vision into a never before seen invitation. Your inspiration for your celebration can be turned into one-of-a-kind invitations that will build anticipation for your party as soon as the coordinating color envelope is opened!

You are not limited to color envelopes for invitations only – your note cards can have color envelopes too.

Have fun picking out the envelope color for your invitations,

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Try us – you’ve got nothing to lose. Our Love It Guarantee says that if you don’t Love your invitations, return them for a full refund. Order some now.

P.S. It is difficult to write an address on a dark envelope with a black or blue pen. You can either put a label on it or  use a white gel pen – we can add a white pen to your order if you want, just ask for it.

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Color Envelopes With Your Invitations

You get things included with your invitations that others charge extra for

The Fourth of July is one of our very favorite holidays; a day filled with food, fun, family and fireworks. What else could you want when it’s time to find your inner Yankee Doodle Dandy? If you’re the party host, now is the time to order your custom-made July 4th invitations from Poly Graphics, so that  the family, neighbors, and friends will be talking good things about you for yet another year.

We know you don’t have time to design your invitations off the web—that’s why we will do all of the work for you from the ground up. We’ll place your text, change your colors, and design your graphics. You will be opening up your fresh stack of personalized invitations all within three business days of initially placing your order. And your 5 x 7 invitations will make an impression when your guests feel them in their hands. Our paper is high quality 80-100 lb. cover stock. You can choose from 19 different colors of envelopes, including white or ivory.

Here are five tips from us to help you prepare your invitations:

  • Send them out on time so your guests can reply on time.
  • Proofread! We’ll help you catch any mistakes in your proofing stage, too.
  • Include your name, party theme, address, phone number/email, date, RSVP information, start time/end time, and any additional instructions like what you’re providing, or if your guests need to bring a swimsuit.
  • But don’t put your zip code on your invitation since zip codes aren’t needed by GPS systems and guests will have your zip from the envelope’s return address.
  • Make sure all of your wording is in the third person. So for example, you’ll want to say “Al and Alice invite you to their 2012 Fourth of July Bash” not “our bash.”

Call us today—will love helping our customers make a great impression with our invitations, which will ensure your party and/or event is a success every time!


This article on 4th of July party Invitation ideas is brought to you by the good folks at Poly Graphics located in Apex, NC.

Our address is:

Poly Graphics
315 S. Salem Street
Suite 300
Apex, NC 27502

Call us at 866 345 POLY (7659) or 919 418 0056

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 Introducing The Last Invitations That You Will Ever Need

“End of The World” Invitations Now Available at

It’s the end of the world and we know it… I feel fine” REM Song

An example of some of oru End of The World Invitations

You’ve only got 264 days to prepare a great celebration to go out in style on December 21, 2012, the last day on the Mayan Calendar. Now is the time to start planning.

Don’t fear the end, fight it with fun.

Now available for your “End of the World” party are six new designs at  to choose from with unlimited variations available.

You can also request an entirely new design.

Shake your fist at the Mayans and celebrate.

On Friday, December 21, 2012 the Mayan Calendar of 5,125.37 years or 1,872,000 days runs out. The calendar that started August 11, 3114 B.C. ends at this year’s winter solstice. This means that time will run out. Some believe that the world will end on that day.
This is a great reason to have a party. If you are going out, you should go out having fun.

You can think of it as the biggest New Year’s Eve party of many generation’s lifetimes.

If you want to learn more about the predicted 2012 End of the World, here is a Wikipedia article  and a National Geographic Article about these myths.

Bob's signature
P.S. Do I really believe that the world will end December 21, 2012? No.
I believe what The Bible says:
“Since no one knows the future, who can tell someone else what is to come?” Ecc 8:7 and
“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away. But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Matt 24:35-36

P.P.S. You can get full service invitations for any celebration at If you can’t find it, we will design it for you, just ask.

This news item is for release on April 1, 2012

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Our customers give us great ideas. This one allowed us to let the monkeys out.

a jungle party invitation with parrots

a jungle party invitation with monkeys, elephants, and a lion

We have a couple of Jungle Theme invitations. Elizabeth liked them, but her son likes monkeys, not lions or elephants or parrots.

So she asked us if we could create a jungle theme invitation with only monkeys.

We said “Sure!”

party invitation with monkies

a party invitation with a monkey hanging from a vine

What you see here are the results of Elizabeth’s request. She chose the 4 monkeys on the vine, but some of us like the single monkey version too.

Which do you like?

Elizabeth, thank you for the idea, and we hope your son’s monkey party doesn’t have too many kids hanging from your chandelier!

Bob's signature

P.S. Do you see an invitation at that, with just a tweak or two, would be the perfect invitation for your party? Ask us, we’ll tweak it for you – and work with you until it looks just like you want it.

P.P.S. If you like elephants we can create an elephant version of the jungle invitation too. Just Ask.

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Do you Have an Invitation For ____?



Name your event.

Any event

Or any combination of activities.

You can get an invitation from Poly Graphics for your party.

Any Party

If you can’t find an invitation design for your party at, we will design one for you!

We’ve crafted everything from Apple Cards to Zoo Party Invitations…
From an Ultimate Frisbee + Wine Tasting Party Invitation …
to a combination Gymnastics + Rock Climbing Invitation

Just ask and we will create a fully personalized card for your celebration.

personalized combination rock climbing and gymnastics invitation

“I have not yet found a party theme that you don’t have an invitation for” – Evelyn

Are you having a Backyard Carnival with cotton candy, ring toss, and sack races, but not a clown?  No problem, we’ll take the clown off.

personalized invitation - backyard carnival with clown

Ask for it, and you’ve got it – fully customized invitations for your party. We’ll add the things that you’ll have at the party and take away what you are not having.

Have a color theme for your party?  We will change the colors on the invitation to match your theme – colors of the wording AND colors of the graphics on the invite.

You can truly get  fully personalized invitations from Poly Graphics.

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P.S. … And you’ll get your invitations Fast, they are Easy to Order, and it’s Fun!

Is funner a word? Well if it isn’t it should be.

Faster – choose Poly Graphics … where ordering your invitations and receiving them is faster than from anywhere else.

Here’s why:

    • Faster to order… in 2 easy steps…
      • 1) Choose a Design
      • 2) Give us your wording
        We do the Rest – a designer is assigned to your order to create a draft for you using your design, your wording, and your instructions
    • Faster to get a draft for your review…
      • Guaranteed 24 weekday hour or less turnaround from the time you order until you can review your draft
      • When you get an email from us, review your draft. We will work with you until you are happy.
    • Faster to Ship…We ship As Soon As Possible after you approve your draft.
      Most times, this is what you want… but… one time we received customer Jennifer’s approval and she realized an hour later that the party location was spelled wrong… it was too late! Jennifer’s invitations were already on their way to her. (we fixed them quickly)
  • Easier – get your invitations from Poly Graphics … the hardest part is choosing from one of the 5000 designs available. When you’ve chosen a design you only need to give us the wording you would like to use. Easy!
  • Funner – C’mon now… can ordering invitations from Poly Graphics be Fun?
    Yes, this is what we’ve heard from many customers – they enjoyed working with us on their invitations… let them tell you:

    “Thank you very much! Thanks for making the entire experience fun, exciting, and easy! It is such a pleasure to work with friendly, flexible, and competent people, and to be able to send out colorful, whimsical, and personalized stationery!  THANKS, “Polygraphics!”  –Lorrie Lee and Parker

    “Thank you, this was fun” –Kenneth N.

    “I’ve really enjoyed working with you… I’m sure that we will have the opportunity to do it again in the future. I want to tell you that I love using your website. It’s so easy and you have so many fun options for birthday parties (that’s all I’ve looked at so far.) In addition, your responsiveness and assistance with the details make the whole process extremely pleasant.” – Stacie

    “Thank you! It looks great… This is such fun! ” – Varina

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P.S. Now is a great time to plan your next celebration – start with your invitations.

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Ask Us To Design An Invitation For You – An Example

Did you know that you can spell your name with Nautical Flags?

For example, the last name Jones is spelled out out on the top of this invitation:

A party invitation that uses signaling flags to spell out your name

Nautical flags were designed to be used on ships at sea to communicate messages at a distance or for times when there is radio silence. They are also known as signaling flags. Different groupings of flags can mean different things, depending on the message that is being sent. Here’s a great place to find more information about signaling flags:

The International Code for signaling flags includes a flag for every letter and number.

This makes it fun and easy to spell your name across the top of an invitation or thank you note – great for impressing your boat buddies.

Bob's signature

P.S. If you are interested in purchasing real signal flags for your party or home visit our friends IB Designs, USA (

P.P.S. Can you imagine yourself as the captain of your own party? Start it with a signal flag invitation.

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How To Get Unique, Exclusive Invitations Designed For You

Invitations from Poly Graphics are not for everyone. If you want to see immediately what your invitation will look like, after spending your time to place your wording exactly where you want it, where you are the designer of the card, don’t order from us. We’re more than a printer.

When you order from Poly Graphics here is what will happen: a designer will be assigned to you, they will take your wording and your instructions and craft it onto the card that you have chosen. This will happen within 24 hours*. It’s not immediate. Normal, non-Rush orders usually ship within 3 weekdays. You can speed this up by ordering with our Rush Option.

With Rush we will design, seek your approval, re-design until you are happy, print, proofread and ship your order the same day or next day! That makes Poly Graphics home of the fastest personalized invitations in the world!

Yes, the drafting and online approval process does take some time, but you are the director at Poly Graphics – not the designer. Would you rather direct or design?

we start with a blank card and add only what you want

You also have many more options when you order from Poly Graphics.

Tell us what color you would like for your wording AND for all graphics.

Tell us what size you want the graphics, that your child will be 6, or that you are moving to Smithfield. We’ll put 6 candles on the cupcake for your invitation, or we will highlight Smithfield on the map of your moving announcement.

Send us a photo to include on your card and we’ll design it in.

We think that starting with a blank card and adding exactly what you want, how you want it, is a great advantage for you to enjoy the perfect invitations.

If you have the time, patience, and the gumption… go to another site where you can be the designer.

If you don’t have the time and want the easy, fast, flexible way – where you direct us, then order from Poly Graphics.

Bob's signature

P.S. Yes, it’s true, Invitations ordered from Poly Graphics with the Rush Option are, indeedthe fastest personalized invitations in the world!

P.P.S. Could personalized invitations shipped the same day you order them be any faster?

*24 hour turnaround is guaranteed for non-holiday weekdays. Weekend turnaround is not guaranteed and we don’t work on Sundays and holidays. We want to make you happy, but we value our family time. It’s very important to me that you know that Poly Graphics can do everything that we say we can do. So I want you to understand what 24 hour turnaround and same day Rush processing means. If you have questions about this please call 866-345-7659 (USA only)


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I just spent a minute at to create a word map for the home page of Poly Graphics.

Here’s what Wordle thinks we’re all about:

word map for Invitations by Poly Graphics

Boy, that word invitations really stands out!

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P.S. Some words that stand out to me are: Shipped Quick, Good Prices, Love Stock, Customized Wording, and Rush 10am (if we receive your Rush order by 10am on a weekday it ships the same day you order)

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various cheeses

Smile – January 20th is National Cheese Day

Are you gonna get your Cheddar on?

Do you celebrate any other strange holidays and have problems finding an invitation that fits your event?

Ask us – we’ll have a go a designing one for you.

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P.S. A few years ago we created an ultimate frisbee wine tasting  party invitation. That was unique and fun to do.

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