Class of 2012 folded graduation announcement

Class of Two Thousand Twelve Announcement

Are you planning an awesome graduation party and want some invitations… yesterday?

Well I can’t help you get them before now, but I can help you get custom printed graduation invitations as soon as tomorrow.

graduation party invitation polka dots and graduation cap

Polka Dots and Graduation Cap Invitation - Can Be Printed in Your Colors

It’s easy and fun to order these invitations, and most of the work is done for you – all that you have to do is tell us which design that you like and give us your wording.

To get your invitations as fast as possible, add Rush Processing to your order. Rush will move you to the top of the line and a proof of your invitation will be available within hours… and your order will ship the same day or next weekday. Orders without Rush are guaranteed a proof within 24 weekday hours.

Do you want your school’s colors on your invitation?  We’ll do that for you – just tell us what your colors are.

graduation party invitation for a basketball player in red and black colors

Graduation Party Invitation for a Basketball Player - can be printed with your school colors

Do you excel at a sport or hobby that you want to include in your design? Tell us and we’ll include it in your design.

Have you searched our graduation invitation pages and can’t find a design that you like? That’s OK, we take requests. Give us a week and we’ll create something entirely new for you.

graduation thank you note cards for your graduate - personalized

Personalized Graduation Thank You Note Cards

Are you expecting gifts at your party? Ask for matching thank you notes when you order your invitations.

Want to include your photo? Sure!


personalized photo graduation announcement with zebra ribbon and magenta background

Personalized Graduation Announcement with Your Photo and Zebra Ribbon in Magenta - Ask for Your Colors Instead


We’re happy to get you your invitations proofed, printed, and to you quickly,

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P.S. Thank you for letting us celebrate your graduate with you.

P.P.S. Start shopping at the Graduation Announcement and Invitation page at


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Get The Job You Want By Writing A Thank You Note By Hand

Poly Graphics Invitations joyfully announces the First Ever Party Invitation Design Scholarship.

This $500 award will go to a talented student in the United States who will be a college student in the fall of 2012.

Award deadline is April 29, 2012 and the award winner will be determined on or about May 7, 2012.

To win this award students will use their creative talents to design an original party invitation or announcement.
Applicants may design an individual invitation or an invitation set consisting of invitation plus matching note card or invitation plus note card plus response card.

Students may submit designs for any type of celebration – a birthday party, a graduation announcement, a holiday party, or a wedding invitation set.

Entries will be judged for four qualities:
1) Originality
2) Creativity
3) Popularity Potential
4) Overall Excellence

Each student may submit up to two designs or two invitation sets. The winning design may be offered for sale at

Please be creative, original, and narrow your entries to your best work!

Full rules and application are available at

Please spread the word and tell a young artist that you know!

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Poly Graphics Invitations, of Apex, North Carolina was established in 1995 and has been selling invitations online since 1996. Poly Graphics provides the fastest personalized invitations on the internet, featuring exclusive designs,
designed-for-you easy ordering, high quality, and great prices. With Five Star Service Poly Graphics has printed more than a million cards and would love to help you start your next celebration.

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What you need to know before you order invitations

When you order invitations for a party there are a few things you should know about and have before you actually order. Answer these questions and you should have everything you need,

  1. Does the party have a theme? Look for an invitation design that fits your theme.
  2. Who is the guest of honor? Is there more than one? Tip: For wedding related invitations the bride’s name always comes first.
  3. How do you spell the guest of honor’s name? (or names)
  4. Who is hosting the party? Should this information be on the invitation?
  5. Do you have gift suggestions or a donation suggestion? If this is a shower or wedding make a note where the couple has registered for gifts
  6. What is the location of the party? Do you want to list the entire address and phone number?
  7. Do you need to include directions to the location or accommodation suggestions?
  8. When is the party? Both date and time. If no end time use “until” or just list the start time with no end time.
  9. How do the guests tell you that they are coming? Can they RSVP by phone, email or both? Or will you be including a Response Card with the invitation?
  10. When do you need to know how many guests are coming? When is the last day they should let you know? Should they respond to a phone number, email address, via text, twitter, facebook, or linkedin, or something else?
  11. Will you try to create wording that is funny or witty? Or is the event formal? See Emily Post for etiquette on formal invitation wording. Search for “invitation wording” for ideas, then brainstorm. Check out for a rhyming dictionary.
You should be ready to order your invitations now – you have everything you need to create awesome invitations.
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P.S. Do you have any questions about this list?  I’ll be happy to help you, just ask 

P.P.S. Poly Graphics will be happy to work with you to create the exact invitation that you desire – pick a design out at Poly Graphics Invitations – or if you can’t find what you like there, please give us an opportunity to design something just for you. We take requests!

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11 Questions To Ask When Shopping for Graduation Announcements

An example of a design request for a Graduation Announcement


Here’s an example of a Special Request Announcement Crafted by Poly Graphics

A few weeks ago we received a special request from Carmen for a graduation announcement. She wanted to include 3 photos. A young photo of her son, a photo of him as he is today, and a graduation cap. Carmen wanted a folded card that had her son’s young photo on the front, then his graduation photo and graduation announcement wording inside. We said “Yes”. This was definitely something that we could do for Carmen.

A few days later Janet, one of our designers, crafted what you see here. The announcements turned out great! These photos don’t do it justice – it really looks nice in person. (we blurred the wording intentionally in the inside photo)

Graduation Announcement with child and graduate photos

Carmen saw the draft that Janet prepared and was very happy. When Carmen received the announcements, she was overjoyed. Carmen got more than she expected!

inside of a photo graduation announcement

Carmen’s announcement special request was completed – from asking to delivery-  in 2 weeks time. Her unique announcements were limited to exactly how many she wanted – truly personalized printing. We kept one to use as a sample because it turned out so great.

For most special requests we ask for a week to prepare the design. With busy days at Poly Graphics and our children’s schedules we can usually find time in a week for special requests, but not in our normal 24 hour turnaround.

We do not charge extra for special requests if the design is something that we can add to the invitation collection at We did have to charge a design fee when we had a request for an Ultimate Frisbee + Wine Tasting Wedding Shower. If your event is something that other people may want to buy from our website, and not as unique as the frisbee + wine tasting celebration there will be no design charge.

Note that our availability for Special Requests is limited, so please give us plenty of lead time. If we have several special requests already underway, yours may be delayed because we just cannot fit everything into the time we have. Please understand that we want to do our best work for you and to craft the perfect announcement for you takes time.

If you have a Special Request, ask here

Bob's signature


P.S. Thank you for the opportunity to prepare something special for your celebration

P.P.S. When you order from Poly Graphics you are getting personalized, limited edition cards, that are crafted to your specifications.

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Fast Invitations sent to you the same day you order!

Questions and Answers About Graduation Announcements

Add Color Envelopes To Make Your Invitations Stand Out

Last time I wrote about 11 Great Questions to Ask When Shopping for Graduation Announcements.

This time, I’ll give you answers to these questions.

1. I want to show my graduate’s talents – Can I get FULL personalization? – with both school name and graduate’s name and maybe more (show my student’s talents, etc)

Yes, you can at Pick a graduation announcement that you like. Then tell us what sport your graduate likes, what their name is (even their nickname), their favorite food or hobby, and we’ll totally personalize their announcement. Just tell us how and what you’d like us to add in the Special Instructions of the order form.

2. Can I get an exact match of my school colors?

We can match *any* color. We’ll even make it brown if that’s what you want.

3. I don’t have much time – How long will this take? (to place the order)

Ordering from Poly Graphics takes about 10 minutes. The hardest part is the wording, but we have plenty of examples for you to use. You do not have to be a designer, or spend time moving stuff around and resizing it to make it look good. Your order will be assigned to a designer and they will do that work for you. Tell us what you want and how you want it to look and we’ll work with you at your online preview page until you are happy.

4. Can I have photos of the graduate on my announcement?

Yes. Send us your photos and we will work them into the design that you like. If you have an idea about how to use your photos on your announcement and don’t see anything like that at, we will create something for you.

5. I need them yesterday – When will I get my announcements?

If you order from Poly Graphics, you will get them very quickly. Most orders ship within 3 days of when you order. A draft is created for you within 24 hours (weekdays), then we ship As Soon As Possible after your approval — but you can get them even quicker than that! Request Rush processing and your order will ship the same or next weekday!

6. Can I review (and change) my order before it is printed?

Yes! With Poly Graphics you will get an email when your draft is ready to review. you will visit your online draft and review page to see what your announcement will look like when it is printed. If something is wrong, or you change your mind about wording or graphics, your designer will work with you until you are happy. We won’t print until you say “approved

7. How flexible can I be with wording? Am I trapped into what they want to say for me? – What if I don’t like that?

We will print just about anything on your announcement. Formal, informal, whatever. There are many examples of wording on our website, or ask us and we’ll help you. Remember Who, What, When, and Where when working on your wording.

8. Does someone proofread my wording? And look for stuff that I left off? And look for any mistakes that I made?

Yes. Several people review your wording for correctness in grammar and punctuation. If we have a question about how something sounds or if it is said correctly, we look it up – then we consult with you. We want you to be completely happy with your announcements, so we will let you have the final say.

9. Can I order exactly the number of announcements that I need?

Yes, as long as you want 12 or more. We’ll print 14 for you or 1400. Or any number in between.

10. My graduate will get gifts – Can I order matching Thank You Notes?

Yes. Your graduate’s thank you notes can match their announcements or be totally different. Your choice.  We’ll work with you to create something that you are happy with.

11. I can’t find what I want – can I get something specially designed for me?

Yes!  If you can’t find what you want at, tell us what you are looking for and we will work with you to create something that will work for you. Designing a new announcement can take a week or more, so please be patient. If your design is something that we can add to our collection online, there is no extra charge.

Do you have any more questions about Graduation Announcements?

I’d be happy to help you.

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P.S. I don’t have to mention the great prices at Poly Graphics, do I?

P.P.S. And the great service too.


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Eleven Questions

Here are eleven great questions to ask when shopping for Graduation Announcements:

  1. I want to show my graduate’s talents – Can I get FULL personalization? – with both school name and graduate’s name and maybe more (show my student’s talents, etc)
  2. Can I get an exact match of my school colors?
  3. I don’t have much time – How long will this take? (to place the order)
  4. Can I have photos of the graduate on my announcement?
  5. I need them yesterday – When will I get my announcements?
  6. Can I review (and change) my order before it is printed?
  7. How flexible can I be with wording? Am I trapped into what they want to say for me? – What if I don’t like that?
  8. Does someone proofread my wording? And look for stuff that I left off? And look for any mistakes that I made?
  9. Can I order exactly the number of announcements that I need?
  10. My graduate will get gifts – Can I order matching Thank You Notes?
  11. I can’t find what I want – can I get something specially designed for me? 

    Next Time:  Answers to these Questions!

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P.S. Almost all of these questions can be answered “Yes” if you find the right announcement place.

P.P.S. Some of these questions cannot be answered “Yes” – that answer just doesn’t make sense.


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Have you ever wanted to change a color on an invitation that is almost perfect for your event?

Or change the graphic on an announcement?

Ask us and we’ll do that for you at Poly Graphics.

We’ll change it for you, be the design “close, but not quite” to “I want something entirely new”.

Ask us.

Although the home page at says we have almost 4000 designs, we really have an infinite number of designs for you.

Each one of our products can have many variations – variations in color, type, and design that you can request.

graduation announcement brown pink green polkadot

This is one of our new designs – and we can see many, many variations.  Can you?

Infinite is like, without limits,


P.S. How about shades of blue?

P.P.S. June is half over already!  Only a few days left to save 10% off your order at by using the code “BACKYARD10” in the special instructions field of the order form.

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Fast, Fully Custom, Graduation Announcements

It’s graduation season. Time for commencement speeches. Time to give out advice about how to use your degree to land the job you are seeking.

At a recent graduation speech, a Vice President of a large pharmaceutical company told the graduates this:

“I have never hired someone that did not write a hand-written thank you note”

Advantage: you – if you handwrite a thank you note.

Make sure your thank you note includes details about your prospective job that you learned at your interview.

Thank your interviewer(s).

And (most importantly) ask for the job.

Good Luck in your job search,


P.S. If you don’t have thank you notes on hand, and want something special, personalized, check out the wide variety of custom designed thank you notes available at

P.P.S. Name note cards, formal thank you note cards, fun note cards, and graduation thank you cards are available at Poly Graphics.

P.P.P.S. Custom designed note cards are also available at Poly Graphics. Ask us to design something just for you.

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The traditional school year is winding down… and it’s time to give your teacher a gift for all the time and help they have given.

Are you looking for an awesome teacher gift?

teacher at blackboard note cards

How about some personalized note cards for your teacher?

male teacher and kids note card

Printed with your teacher’s name in bright colors… in quantities as low as 12, these can also be packaged in a nice clear gift box for an extra $1.

note card for teacher with flowers

As with all products from Poly Graphics – all colors, fonts, and wording can be changed to the way you like them.

Thanks teachers!


P.S. We’ll be happy to create some great pool party invitations for your “school’s out” party.

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Are handwritten thank you notes a thing of the past?

I don’t think email or a phone call has replaced a handwritten note.

Do you need to thank someone for helping you?

You can make a great impression by writing a thank you note by hand – to thank your family for a gift, or thank someone for their business.

Seth Godin, a fantastic marketing mind, says that writing thank you notes is a great way to spend time instead of watching television (see the 8th bullet).

Do you have thank you notes on hand?

Would you like some personalized thank you cards at a great price?

Thank you note cards personalized for you at

Try We’ve got a great selection of limitless designs. “Limitless” means that you select the font color (any color is available), you select the graphics and the color of the graphics. The examples on the website are just a suggestion. If orange is your favorite color, we’ll create orange thank you notes for you. Ask and we’ll do all we can to make your note cards exactly as you want them.

Graduation thank you note card

Do you need a thank you card for your business? –  To thank your customers?

Send us your logo and we’ll incorporate it into your thank you note.

We’re here for you,


P.S. We also sell monogram thank you note cards if you like.