What Are Full Service Invitations?
At the grocery store do you like the self-checkout lane or the full service lane?

If you like the Full Service lane than this is for you.

Isn’t it nice to get all the help you need with your invitations and still get your order as fast as possible?

Full Service Invitations means that you don’t have to do as much as self service
Full Service is done-for-you and designed-for-you
Full service means that you get to communicate with someone who helps you one-on-one
Full Service is easier for you
Full Service is faster for you
Full Service is when you get help and advice

Full Service Invitations mean that you get exactly what you want, with little of your effort and time

serving and helping you get the perfect personalized invitations

Your Invitation Is Sure to be Perfect With Full Service

With Full Service Invitations you get …

– wording help,
– any wording that you want,
– as much wording as you want,
– advice and samples that show the formatting of your wording (to make sure that the wording on your card looks great),
– typesetting of your wording is completely done for you,
– proof(s) are crafted for you,
– proofs are prepared for you until you are happy,
– a professional designer is assigned to craft your invitations,
– your designer works with you one-on-one until you are happy,
– your wording is proofread. proofread at least twice,
– you can suggest changes to a design,
– you can ask for advice,
– suggestions for improvement, if any, are made to you,
– you don’t have to wait long,*
– you can ask for changes to the colors,
– you can ask for changes to the graphics,
– you can ask for changes to all your wording,
– you can ask for an entirely new design,
– someone answers the phone or returns your call promptly,^
– you are treated with respect,
you are spoiled,
– the information on your invitation is checked for spelling,
– you can rely on lots of experience to get the perfect invitation for you,
– you can ask for things exactly as you like them (we’ll hold the olives if you want)

How You Get Full Service Invitations

Go to PolyGraphics.com. That is where you’ll get the only Full Service Invitations.

* even though your invitations from Poly Graphics are hand-crafted to your specifications, your proofs are prepared quickly – with a weekday.

^when you call Poly Graphics you get to speak with a live person. Because we may be busy spoiling another person, you may not get someone immediately. Leave a message, we’ll call back soon.

P.S. If you want to be the one that does the typesetting and want to get an instant preview of what your invitation might look like, try another invitation place.

P.P.S. I hope you can tell by the list above that Full Service Invitations are Faster, Easier, and more Flexible than self service invitations

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Your invitation will get extra attention when it arrives in a color envelope

your choice of color envelopes is now included for no extra charge when you order invitations from PolyGraphics.com

19 different colors of envelopes are available for you

Your guests will be curious and excited when they receive your invitation. It will certainly stand out in the mail and get quick attention.

Today we’re announcing that when you order invitations from PolyGraphics.com you will get color envelopes included with your order for no extra charge!

You’ll have a choice of 19 different colors, including white and ivory.

Choose from…
4 blues (royal, navy, light, and aqua), 4 greens (hunter, kelly, lime, and pastel), 2 pinks (baby pink and hot pink), gold, yellow, red, purple, brown, orange, black, ivory and white – what choices!

How exciting it will be for all of your guests to get your unique invitation in an envelope with a coordinating color. It will attract attention for sure.

But you won’t just get nice color envelopes when you order from Poly Graphics – you’ll get designed-for-you service that makes ordering fast, and you’ll get proofs ready for your review within 24 weekday hours – or for the fastest invitations anywhere order with Rush service… your invitations will ship the same or next weekday!

We don’t like to keep you waiting, but that doesn’t mean that we hurry through your order – you will be spoiled. Your wording will be proofread several times and your drafts will be prepared and changed for you until you are happy.

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t find a design that you like at PolyGraphics.com – we take requests! Ask us and we will turn your idea and vision into a never before seen invitation. Your inspiration for your celebration can be turned into one-of-a-kind invitations that will build anticipation for your party as soon as the coordinating color envelope is opened!

You are not limited to color envelopes for invitations only – your note cards can have color envelopes too.

Have fun picking out the envelope color for your invitations,

Bob's signature

Try us – you’ve got nothing to lose. Our Love It Guarantee says that if you don’t Love your invitations, return them for a full refund. Order some now.

P.S. It is difficult to write an address on a dark envelope with a black or blue pen. You can either put a label on it or  use a white gel pen – we can add a white pen to your order if you want, just ask for it.

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You get things included with your invitations that others charge extra for

Here’s a quick introduction to how to get some great invitations that are fast, easy, and fun.

Fast Invitations, Easy Invitations, Fun Invitations

Fast Invitations that are easy & fun to order – watch this video to see

It’ll take you just 2 minutes and 34 seconds to know how spoiled you’ll get when get invitations from Poly Graphics.

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P.S. Is it time to order your invitations?  Visit Poly Graphics for Fully Custom Invitations

P.P.S. Not ready to order your invitations yet? C’mon back when you are.


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For many years people relied on sending paper invitations to their guests. Paper is nice, but there are some things that paper invitations cannot do.

hand writing an invitation with a pen

  1. You can not send paper invitations to the wrong email address. You may confuse Bill Anderson, your accountant, with Bill Andresson, your neighbor, when looking up their email addresses to send emailed invitations.. I’m pretty sure your neighbor will be more fun at your party than your accountant.
  2. A paper invitation will not get automatically moved to your email’s spam folder and get lost. Did you know that the most opened piece of paper mail delivered are invitations? An invitation sent through the mail will not be stamped “spam” as unwanted mail without you knowing about it.
  3. Have you heard about the computer virus going around that looks, at the start, like an emailed invitation? When you click on a link in the email to see the invitation details, you are taken to an unscrupulous website and a virus is loaded onto your computer. A paper invitation won’t do that.
  4. What does your email inbox look like? Are there hundreds or thousands of emails that are unread and waiting for your attention? Is there an electronic invitation to a party that was held last week in there? A paper invitation won’t get lost in your computer’s inbox.
  5. If your inbox is looking pretty good and you are on top of everything that is coming in, do you read and remember everything as it arrives? Have you ever been distracted while going through your inbox and forgot what you just read? A paper invitation, because it is something that you can keep and post on your bulletin board or refrigerator will not be forgotten easily.

Bob's signature

P.S. OK, you’ve figured it out – I think paper invitations are far, far better than emailed invitations. I thought it was kind of interesting to look at it from a different angle. Did you?

P.P.S. There’s just something wonderful about paper – so many things these days are on the computer or smartphone – to actually touch something and have it to refer to are just great. I’ll write more about this soon.

P.P.P.S. Oh, find some great invitations at PolyGraphics.com

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I just spent a minute at wordle.net to create a word map for the home page of Poly Graphics.

Here’s what Wordle thinks we’re all about:

word map for Invitations by Poly Graphics

Boy, that word invitations really stands out!

Bob's signature


P.S. Some words that stand out to me are: Shipped Quick, Good Prices, Love Stock, Customized Wording, and Rush 10am (if we receive your Rush order by 10am on a weekday it ships the same day you order)

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colored envelopes for invitations

You can really make your invitations stand out with colored envelopes. Pick an envelope that matches your favorite design, or ask for your design colors to match your envelope – your choice.

If your envelope choice is dark, we can include a white gel pen with your order so that when you write names and addresses on your envelopes they show up real nice.

Does The Post Office Like Colored Envelopes?

I used to think that if you used a dark colored envelope you had to put a white address label on it, then write the address in dark ink. But after calling the Post Office I learned that as long as the address is readable you can write it in any color. If you asked me this question in the past and I gave you the wrong answer, I apologize.

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P.S. Match the color of the design or ask us to match the invitation design to your favorite envelope color (no extra charge for color matching at Poly Graphics)

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What? No Instant Preview of My Invitation Design?

People who have ordered from other online invitation companies sometimes say that they would like to see an instant preview. But most understand after working with Poly Graphics that not having an instant preview is actually better.

three people talking about design

And here are 5 reasons why having a dedicated designer is better than instant preview:

  1. It saves you time. You don’t have to fiddle and move your wording around to fit the design. Instead of taking 30 minutes for you to get it all looking right, just take 5 minutes to type your party information. We just need your wording, not your time.
  2. It’s more comforting. One of our designers proofreads your wording – looking for stuff you left out, misspellings, correct English and word usage. At least two people review your order before it is finalized for you.
  3. People are better at design than machines. All you have to do is look a Jeopardy and the Watson computer. IBM spent years and untold money building a machine that is he size of 10 refrigerators to play a game. Yeah, Watson’s good at it, the machine beat the humans in the game. But design is a different story. The human eye can detect things that a computer cannot. Look and feel are not things that a machine is good at.
  4. We will work with you until you are happy. When you place your order we are immediately notified and your requests are sent to a designer. 24 hours or less later, a draft is prepared for you to review. If we didn’t get it just like you expected, tell us and we’ll fix it.
  5. The many tweaks and corrections that a designer can make cannot be done with just an online preview. For instance, we have a font that we use that has a capital I that looks like a J. If you choose that font for your invitation, we look over all your text and manually replace all the funny looking I’s with a replacement that we have developed.

Are you worried about it taking longer to receive your order because a designer is working on your order? Don’t worry. When you place your order we are immediately notified and your requests are sent directly to a designer. 24 weekday hours or less later, a draft is crafted for you to review. If we didn’t get it just like you expected, we’ll work with you until you are happy.

Most orders ship within 3 days. Rush orders ship the same or next weekday.

Does that make you feel better?

Bob's signature

P.S. Can you tell that we like to get your order approved and to you as soon as we can?

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beach scene in fall

I recently searched for a place to stay at the beach for a weekend. The price for the beach condo was listed as $125 a night. The photos and the location looked great for this price, so I went ahead and booked it.

I was surprised by all the additional costs that were tacked on as I paged through the reservation process at the website. Here’s what was added:

  • Rent: $250.00
  • Insurance: $22.60
  • Total Other Charges: $55.00
  • Total Taxes and Fees: $42.70
  • Pet Fee: $60.00
  • Total Vacation Cost: $430.30
  • Damage Deposit: $0.00
  • Total Bill: $430.30

Yikes!  How did $250 turn into $430.30? Since we’re bringing our dog, an extra $60 make sense. They could have even asked for a damage deposit to add more.  What’s this “Total Other Charges”??

I did not have a good feeling after looking at the total.

I bet you don’t like surprises like that either. When told the price of something, that should be the final price.

We don’t tack on extra charges when you order invitations from Poly Graphics. Your price includes all this:

  1. Ability to fully customize your order – fonts, colors, graphics – all can be changed the way you like them
  2. Free Envelopes (and we always add an extra or two)
  3. Proofreading to make sure you include date, time, place, and RSVP information for each invitation
  4. Free Proofs prepared by our graphic designers
  5. A personal web page to review and approve your order
  6. 24 business hours* or less draft preparation
  7. High quality card stock (no flimsy paper)

You get extra service for no extra charge.  As you should.

When you need invitations for your party, try Poly Graphics. You will like ordering from us.


P.S. Did I mention that you can also get your invitations custom designed, printed and shipped on the same or next day using the Rush option?

* 24 Business Hours means M-F, non-holiday. For example, if you order on Monday we’ll have your draft ready by the same time on Tuesday.  If you order on a Friday, your draft will be ready by Monday. Of course, if you order with a Rush, we’ll draft your order as soon as we can (Rush puts you at the top of the list of orders to be prepared).

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The Poly Graphics ladybug moving fast

Your order is prepared for your review very fast at Poly Graphics – within 24 hours… but don’t count the weekends.

Your 24 hour turnaround counts 24 hours during a typical business week.

For example, if you order on a Monday at 10am your draft will be ready, at the latest, Tuesday at 10am.

But, if you order on a Friday at 10am, your draft will be ready by Monday 10am, at the latest.

It’s as if the weekend disappears (that’s really not a good thought!).

We believe that resting and spending time with family is very important… we like to enjoy our weekends and be ready to provide you the best possible service when we return to work.

Your order usually takes 48-72 weekday hours from start to finish – from when you order until your order printed, packed & shipped. So if your order is placed on a Monday, it usually ships on or before Thursday the same week. If your order is placed on Friday, usually it will ship by the next Wednesday or sooner.

Your normal method of shipping is UPS ground. UPS Ground packages move every day of the week – but don’t count the weekends. UPS packages do not move over a weekend or holiday.

Your overnight shipping is via USPS Express. The US Post Office will move and deliver packages on Saturday, but not Sunday or Holidays.

We do our best to get your invitations to you as fast as we can,


P.S. If you need your order really fast, request a Rush Order – your order will ship the same day – or next day, depending on what time of the day your order is placed.

P.P.S. This post is a complicated description that basically says that your order is not shipped over the weekend.

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When ordering invitations from Poly Graphics you have a choice of two different types of paper.

smooth invitation paper up close

Our normal smooth paper or our linen paper.

These photos give you an idea of what the texture is like for each of these types of paper. These are zoomed-in photos – the smooth is much smoother to the touch than this photo looks. And the linen paper has the “woven” look that you see here, but the weave is not as big as it looks in this photo.

Linen invitation paper up close - from Poly Graphics

The linen paper is nice, has a nice feel, and comes with matching envelopes. Linen invitations and linen note cards cost 10% more than smooth invitations and smooth note cards. The linen paper and linen envelopes cost more to stock, that’s the reason for the 10% upcharge.

Each type of paper is also available in white or ivory (off-white, or natural) colors.

Let us know which you like best for your invitation order.


P.S. The linen paper works great for both formal invitations and informal invitations. We’ve done kids laser tag party invitations on linen paper and they look great.

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