I stumbled upon the website TargetMap.com and was curious about how many places PolyGraphics.com has customers – how many towns across the nation have ordered from us.

After a quick database query to pull unique zip codes (if we have shipped to a zip code many times, I only got the zip code once). The total zip codes came to over 6000!

I fed the data to TargetMap and here’s what came out

invitations have been sent by Poly Graphics to these places

That’s not bad for a little ‘ol shop in Apex, NC.

Can we ship some invitations to you?

We’d be happy to.

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P.S. Do you live outside the United States?  We’ll ship to you – via USPS Global.

P.P.S. You can also have personalized note cards, return address seals, response cards, and more from PolyGraphics.com

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beach scene in fall

I recently searched for a place to stay at the beach for a weekend. The price for the beach condo was listed as $125 a night. The photos and the location looked great for this price, so I went ahead and booked it.

I was surprised by all the additional costs that were tacked on as I paged through the reservation process at the website. Here’s what was added:

  • Rent: $250.00
  • Insurance: $22.60
  • Total Other Charges: $55.00
  • Total Taxes and Fees: $42.70
  • Pet Fee: $60.00
  • Total Vacation Cost: $430.30
  • Damage Deposit: $0.00
  • Total Bill: $430.30

Yikes!  How did $250 turn into $430.30? Since we’re bringing our dog, an extra $60 make sense. They could have even asked for a damage deposit to add more.  What’s this “Total Other Charges”??

I did not have a good feeling after looking at the total.

I bet you don’t like surprises like that either. When told the price of something, that should be the final price.

We don’t tack on extra charges when you order invitations from Poly Graphics. Your price includes all this:

  1. Ability to fully customize your order – fonts, colors, graphics – all can be changed the way you like them
  2. Free Envelopes (and we always add an extra or two)
  3. Proofreading to make sure you include date, time, place, and RSVP information for each invitation
  4. Free Proofs prepared by our graphic designers
  5. A personal web page to review and approve your order
  6. 24 business hours* or less draft preparation
  7. High quality card stock (no flimsy paper)

You get extra service for no extra charge.  As you should.

When you need invitations for your party, try Poly Graphics. You will like ordering from us.


P.S. Did I mention that you can also get your invitations custom designed, printed and shipped on the same or next day using the Rush option?

* 24 Business Hours means M-F, non-holiday. For example, if you order on Monday we’ll have your draft ready by the same time on Tuesday.  If you order on a Friday, your draft will be ready by Monday. Of course, if you order with a Rush, we’ll draft your order as soon as we can (Rush puts you at the top of the list of orders to be prepared).

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If the heat is getting to you and you’re near Apex, North Carolina, a great place to go is Pelican’s Snoballs & Homemade Ice Cream. There are also Pelican’s in Garner, Cary, and Clayton, North Carolina.

ice cream vendor, snoball salesman

For $1.50 you can get an icy snoball in about a zillion flavors. We’ve tried a bunch of them, but not Dill Pickle (not sure I want to try it!)

Technically they sell “New Orleans Style Shaved Ice”. It takes a little while to get your snoball because they actually shave the ice for your treat right in front of you. Sometimes we add a scoop of ice cream to the middle to really help us cool down.

Pelican’s is a tasty treat for a hot summer day


P.S. We’re not connected with Pelican’s, we just like their stuff

P.P.S. If you’re near Damascus Maryland, try the Jimmie Cone. mmmmmm. If not, please support your local ice cream store!

We like to recommend and support businesses that have provided us good service and good products. In the spirit of “sharing the love” we’ll mention them here occasionally.