an invitation goes up in smoke

don't let your invitation disappear

I ran across a quote from a Tom Clancy book today. In this novel there is an attack on the stock market and a whole day’s worth of trading information is lost. The characters in the book spend some time brainstorming what to do about all the lost information. They finally come up with their solution – “If You Don’t Write It Down It Never Happened”

This made me think.

A large part of getting things printed is to help us remember.

Why do people keep scrapbooks?

To remember. Remember trips, events, celebrations.

Scrapbooks jog your memory, help you recall what you did and where you went and who you were with.

If you don’t have a copy of your party invitation on paper, did it happen?

Or, to put it another way…

If you send an email invitation to a party did it happen? Will you remember it?

Memories are great, but most times we need something printed – a photograph, a ticket stub, a party invitation… something for a scrapbook or a memory box to remind us of what happened.

Do you have printed invitations from your youth that remind you of a celebration? How about photos?

I’m betting that as you grow older you will remember more things if you have something printed to help you.

Can you recall your first birthday? I can, but only by looking at a photo and a copy of the invitation.

I believe it is our parental duty to help our children remember. Keep a box or a book. Do you remember that second birthday party that you threw for your child a few years ago? Will they remember as they get older?

Help your memory and remember all of your celebrations by getting printed invitations for all of your memorable events.
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P.S. This is a great time of the year to look back and to look forward. Printed invitations will do a lot to help you look back and remember.

P.P.S. I guarantee that the invitations that you get from are scrapbook-worthy!

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