Have you searched the internet over and can’t find the exact invitation that you want?

Or do you want to avoid the search entirely and just get a unique invitation?

We’ve got a solution for you.

Even though there are thousands of party invitations available at Poly Graphics, we continue to get requests for parties with new themes or combinations of themes that don’t exist yet.

And it’s very easy to ask for a new design. Simply go to the Request A Design page and tell us your idea.

We’ll get back to you quickly with our thoughts.

It takes a little more time than our usual available by the next business day for you to get a sample. Please understand that new designs can take about a week depending on how complicated they are and how many requests we have lined up.

We’re looking for ward to working with you to create an invite that is absolutely perfect for your celebration.

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P.S. Use the Search box that is on every page of the PolyGraphics.com to see if we have something that is close to the the invitation design that you are looking for.

P.P.S. Is there an extra cost for this? Not usually. You see, we both benefit – you get exactly what you want, and we get a new design to add to our collection, We only charge extra if we don’t think that anyone else will ever buy the invitation.

are you searching for the perfect invitation?

Do you have a vision in your mind for the perfect invitation, but it doesn’t exist?

Have you searched for the perfect invitation and can’t find it?

I’ve got a solution for you.

It’s easy and doesn’t take as long as you think.

Head over to PolyGraphics and fill out the Request a Design form

Just answer 2 questions …

1) What is your design idea?

2) What colors or graphics would you like?

… tell us your contact information,

and we will get started working on your idea.

If you order an invitation with a design that we already have it normally takes about 2 weekdays from when you order until when they are printed and shipped to you.

New designs take a bit longer… usually a week. So please plan ahead so that there is plenty of time for you to get your original invitations designed, approved, proofread, printed and shipped to you.

Please don’t ask for the Mona Lisa – we probably can’t draw that in a week’s time. There are also legal restrictions on reproducing copyrighted characters and art.

But besides those things, ask for the moon!

We’ll recreate your colors and theme to make your unique invitations start your party when the envelope is opened.

Our designers are talented and will work with you to make your invitation vision a reality.

We’re looking forward to working with you

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P.S. Are you planning a Sasquatch Watching Party?  Here’s an invitation to look for Big Foot that we designed by request.

P.P.S. What are you waiting for?  Get your unique, exclusive invitation design started today. Fill out this Request for a New Invitation Design

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you get exactly what you want because we start with a blank card

When looking for invitations that are the most flexible, with the best ability to make changes, you must consider Poly Graphics.

Because when you order from Poly Graphics you get a rare and major advantage:

We start with a blank card.

What does this mean to you?

It means that
All graphics,
All colors,
All wording,
and all the sizes
and placement
of each of these
can be changed.

All you have to do is give us your instructions.

If you like how the sample of the design you’ve picked looks, except, for example, you want the second line red instead of black – just tell us. We’ll change it and you will see that change in the sample we create for you.

That is just one small example of what you can change.

Starting with a blank card gives you another advantage…

We are never out of stock!

All you have to do is direct us – tell us what you’d like and where – and one of our designers will work with you until you are happy.

And the process is very fast – Your first draft will be ready within one weekday.

We’ll send you an email when your order is ready to review, you visit our website where we’ve created a page just for you, and there you get to review and comment on what your designer has done.

If your sample is not what you expected, or if you change your mind about something , just tell us.

The designer that is working with you will be immediately notified and will prepare another sample,

Want another change after you see the second sample?


Your designer will create samples for you until you are happy

When you say “approved” is when we start printing.

When we print it will be exactly as you see on your sample

And we will print as soon as we can – usually the same day or the next weekday

Since we have professional designers at Poly Graphics, you can also request an entirely new design

If you don’t see what you are looking for in the many thousands of cards on PolyGraphics.com, ask us to create something new for you.

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P.S. Are you ready to get the perfect invitations?  Go to PolyGraphics.com now. I guarantee an awesome experience.

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Our customers give us great ideas. This one allowed us to let the monkeys out.

a jungle party invitation with parrots

a jungle party invitation with monkeys, elephants, and a lion

We have a couple of Jungle Theme invitations. Elizabeth liked them, but her son likes monkeys, not lions or elephants or parrots.

So she asked us if we could create a jungle theme invitation with only monkeys.

We said “Sure!”

party invitation with monkies

a party invitation with a monkey hanging from a vine

What you see here are the results of Elizabeth’s request. She chose the 4 monkeys on the vine, but some of us like the single monkey version too.

Which do you like?

Elizabeth, thank you for the idea, and we hope your son’s monkey party doesn’t have too many kids hanging from your chandelier!

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P.S. Do you see an invitation at PolyGraphics.com that, with just a tweak or two, would be the perfect invitation for your party? Ask us, we’ll tweak it for you – and work with you until it looks just like you want it.

P.P.S. If you like elephants we can create an elephant version of the jungle invitation too. Just Ask.

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