What some consider “Platinum Service” you get from Poly Graphics with every order for no extra charge.

Platinum Design Service was recently defined as:

1) Work one-on-one with a dedicated designer to create a one of a kind card for you and your family

2) More than the card – you can get matching envelope liners, address labels, thank you cards and more.

3) Happiness Guaranteed

Your order from Poly Graphics Invitations can include these “Platinum” Features, Plus:

4) Your choice of paper color and type. Chose heavyweight paper in white or ivory or linen textured paper in white or ivory.

5) Your choice of color envelope for both your invitations and your thank you notes.

6) More than your happiness guaranteed, Poly Graphics has a “Love It” guarantee. If you don’t Absolutely Love the cards that you get, simply return it and we’ll refund your money. No questions, no grumbling.

You get all of this for just a fraction of the price that other online invitation places charge.

Why do we give this level of service with every order?

You are special, your time is valuable, and we enjoy making you happy.

Those seem like great reasons to us.



P.S. We reserve the right to limit the numbers of orders that we take in a day – to assure that our royal customers get the service that they deserve.

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Class of 2012 folded graduation announcement

Class of Two Thousand Twelve Announcement

Are you planning an awesome graduation party and want some invitations… yesterday?

Well I can’t help you get them before now, but I can help you get custom printed graduation invitations as soon as tomorrow.

graduation party invitation polka dots and graduation cap

Polka Dots and Graduation Cap Invitation - Can Be Printed in Your Colors

It’s easy and fun to order these invitations, and most of the work is done for you – all that you have to do is tell us which design that you like and give us your wording.

To get your invitations as fast as possible, add Rush Processing to your order. Rush will move you to the top of the line and a proof of your invitation will be available within hours… and your order will ship the same day or next weekday. Orders without Rush are guaranteed a proof within 24 weekday hours.

Do you want your school’s colors on your invitation?  We’ll do that for you – just tell us what your colors are.

graduation party invitation for a basketball player in red and black colors

Graduation Party Invitation for a Basketball Player - can be printed with your school colors

Do you excel at a sport or hobby that you want to include in your design? Tell us and we’ll include it in your design.

Have you searched our graduation invitation pages and can’t find a design that you like? That’s OK, we take requests. Give us a week and we’ll create something entirely new for you.

graduation thank you note cards for your graduate - personalized

Personalized Graduation Thank You Note Cards

Are you expecting gifts at your party? Ask for matching thank you notes when you order your invitations.

Want to include your photo? Sure!


personalized photo graduation announcement with zebra ribbon and magenta background

Personalized Graduation Announcement with Your Photo and Zebra Ribbon in Magenta - Ask for Your Colors Instead


We’re happy to get you your invitations proofed, printed, and to you quickly,

Bob's signature

P.S. Thank you for letting us celebrate your graduate with you.

P.P.S. Start shopping at the Graduation Announcement and Invitation page at


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Here is something New – a “Love It” Guarantee

If you don't love the invitations, announcements, or note cards that you get from Poly Graphics return them for a full refund

The New Love It Guarantee from Poly Graphics Invitations

This is the best guarantee on invitations that you can get – if you don’t Love Your Invitations then return them for a full refund.

You can get fully personalized invitations and announcements with an unconditional guarantee.

You can be assured that you will get exactly what you want at

And if you don’t, we will give you your money back.

If you are not entirely pleased with your order and love it when it arrives, Send it back. We’ll refund your money.

We put love and care into your cards and you will see that when they arrive.

Love is included with your order

If something is wrong or not what you expected, let us know. We will fix mistakes as soon as humanly possible.

If you don’t like your invitations, announcements, or note cards for any reason, return them for a full refund.

The only questions we will ask are “what is wrong?” and “how can we do better for you?”

Even though everything we sell is fully personalized according to your directions, you can still get a refund.

We are sure that you will love what you buy from Poly Graphics – sure enough to guarantee it

Get a Full Refund if You Don'y Love Your Cards

Get a Full Refund if You Don'y Love Your Cards

Would you like to experience the Love?
Order some invitations from Poly Graphics Invitations today.

Bob's signature


P.S. There is no fine print on this guarantee.

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The Best Way to Say Thank You

Monogram Note Cards - Forma Script with single border

Formal Script Monogram Note Card

Have you ever wanted to dash off a note to a friend or write a quick thank you note and didn’t have any nice note cards around to use?

When an email won’t do, and you need to thank someone or cheer someone up or encourage someone – you need to have some note cards nearby.

monogram note card icon frame 2 in black with double border

Icon Monogram Note Card with Double Border

Nothing beats monogrammed note cards for this.

There is no better place to get them than Poly Graphics.

Here’s why:
– You get to choose the paper. White or ivory
– You can get linen paper (it looks like it has a weave pattern and it feels great when you touch it) Available in both white and ivory.
– You can choose any color or colors for your monogram.
– There are many designs for you to choose from and for each design you can ask for a single letter monogram, double letter monogram, or triple letter monogram.
– You get a designer who works with you one-on-one to craft samples for you, and ask for your opinion… until it is exactly the way you want it
– If you are not sure which of two designs looks better, ask for samples of both and we will show you how both designs look. Then order your favorite – or order both if you can’t decide.

monogram single initial garden note card

Garden initial note card with black initial

– You will get them quickly. Your sample for review will be crafted for you within a weekday (24 hours) and when you approve we print and ship by the next weekday.
– If you don’t see a design that you like, ask us to create an entirely new design for you. New designs take a little longer – give us a week. But it is worth the wait. You will have the only cards like it.
– If you want more than a monogram on your cards you can select from a variety of borders
– If you want something printed inside you cards, we can print inside. And you can ask for black or color inside printing.
– If the cards are a gift, ask for a clear gift box. Note cards look awesome in a gift box.
– If you would like us to ship the note cards for you, just ask. We will let you know what they look like and even put a note inside saying that you sent them. Just tell us what you want to say.
– Your are never out of stock – your note card is designed from scratch… we start with heavyweight card stock and print only what you want. What you want is always in stock because we always have high quality paper in stock.
– Your note card is available in folded and flat. You can send the flat version as a post card, or ask us to print your monogram in a corner or centered at the top or bottom.

Monogram note card Day Lilly in Purple and Blue

Daylily Monogram Note Card

Can you see how you can’t go wrong with personalized, monogrammed note cards from Poly Graphics? Order some today.

Bob's signature

P.S. A single monogram is one letter – usually your first or last name. A double monogram has two letters, your first and last name, usually. And a three letter monogram has 3 letters. First, middle, and last initials, arranged in order if the font size for each letter is the same, or with your last name larger and in the middle. For Sally Ann Jackson, one letter would be “S” or “J”, two would be “SJ” and three either “SAJ” or “sJa”

Happy Festivus!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Kawanzaa!

Have a wonderful Boxing Day!

May your 2012 be absolutely wonderful – full of joy, health, love and laughter.

For any celebration you are having in 2012 consider having us create a unique invitation for you – it will be so good that you will want to put it in your scrapbook so that you can remember the party.

Looking forward to celebrating with you in 2012!

Bob's signature


P.S. You can also request matching thank you note cards with any invitation that you want.


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After reading about the bride that refuses to send thank you notes to those that gave her wedding gifts, I started to wonder… have we lost our manners?  The bride simply refused to write “thank you for the gift”. How ungrateful. Maybe she’s putting it off because it is not fun.

Is Writing Thank You Notes Painful?

It is sometimes painful to write thank you notes. What you have got to do to get over the pain is to change shoes. Put yourself in the gift giver’s shoes. I’m sure they put some thought into your gift. If you had given them a gift instead, wouldn’t you like to know that they appreciated it?

Show Your Appreciation

In your thank you note tell them that you appreciated their gift. Even if you’ve returned it already, let them know you enjoyed seeing them and appreciate the thought they put into your gift.

At A Loss for Words?

If you don’t know what to say in your thank you note, use a trick that my grandmother taught me. When she received a gift she wasn’t sure that she liked, she’d say “Isn’t that something!”  Of course, everything is something!

Use the same trick when you write your thank you notes – write your gift was really something!

Please don’t be rude. Please take the time to thank those that give you a gift.


Bob's signature

P.S. Wasn’t this post something?!

P.P.S. Pick out some great personalized note cards here


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“The most valuable gift you can give to others is example.” Croft M. Pentz

Gift Received

Are you expecting some wonderful gifts for Christmas? Have you already received your gifts and want to express your appreciation?

It’s great to able to thank those that gave you gifts when you opened them, but even if you did thank them in person, it is awful nice to receive a thank you note.

And you can thank them in style with a nice handwritten thank you note.

This will make sure that you remembered the thought and time your gift giver put into your gift.

In the rush and craziness of Christmas, weddings, birthdays, graduations, and other gift giving occasions sometimes you forget things. Please don’t forget to thank those that gave you something.

Thank You Note Design

Your thank you note should reflect your style. Look for a thank you notes that have a design on them that you like – that reflects your personality. A simple initial on the front works for some – while others like a monogram. Fun lovers might want a beach scene or colorful, whimsical design. Take time to find a note card that says it is from you before they even open it up to read it.

What to say?

Think about the gift and the moment you opened it. If you’ve used it already, tell a little story about it. If you haven’t used it yet, mention your anticipation about he moment you will use it.

Did you receive something that you don’t really want? This is where it gets tricky. “Thanks for being so thoughtful” always works. My grandmother, when she had nothing to say about a gift would say “now that’s really something!”. Of course, everything is something. Without saying she loved it or hated it, she could always say it was something and the hearer could interpret what she said any way they wanted. After a while, the family caught on and started to say the same thing when we were not sure what to say or write.

An Example of Thank You Note Wording

How about:

“Thanks Aunt Edna for the great pair of slippers, they look great and keep my feet warm while I’m walking around the house. I hope they last all year. It was wonderful celebrating Christmas with you and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Love, Billy”

Start with this and adapt it to fit the gift you received.

Writing Thank you notes can be tedious, but it is worth it. I’ve heard that some grandparents reconsider gift giving if they do not receive the proper thanks. It’s just the right thing to do.

Bob's signature

P.S. After you finish writing all your thank you notes, make sure to reward yourself.

P.P.S. Poly Graphics has a great selection of thank you note cards or you can ask us to design one for you

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When ordering invitations from Poly Graphics you have a choice of two different types of paper.

smooth invitation paper up close

Our normal smooth paper or our linen paper.

These photos give you an idea of what the texture is like for each of these types of paper. These are zoomed-in photos – the smooth is much smoother to the touch than this photo looks. And the linen paper has the “woven” look that you see here, but the weave is not as big as it looks in this photo.

Linen invitation paper up close - from Poly Graphics

The linen paper is nice, has a nice feel, and comes with matching envelopes. Linen invitations and linen note cards cost 10% more than smooth invitations and smooth note cards. The linen paper and linen envelopes cost more to stock, that’s the reason for the 10% upcharge.

Each type of paper is also available in white or ivory (off-white, or natural) colors.

Let us know which you like best for your invitation order.


P.S. The linen paper works great for both formal invitations and informal invitations. We’ve done kids laser tag party invitations on linen paper and they look great.

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Personalized note cards in a clear gift box

Personalized note cards are an excellent gift idea.

As a teacher gift, as a unique thank you, or for a friend’s birthday or celebration.

Ask Poly Graphics to put them in a clear gift box for an even bigger impact.

If you’d like us to ship your gift directly to your recipient, we’ll take a photo of your gift before we send it out – and email it to you – so that you can see the gift that you’ve sent.


P.S. Enjoy your search for note cards and remember that at we can make almost unlimited changes to your order – to graphics, fonts, and colors of both. Let us know what changes you’d like us to make in the special instructions part of the order form.

P.P.S. If you don’t see a design that you like at Poly Graphics, we’ll be happy to create something for you. Just Ask.

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Give the Joy of a Handwritten Thank You Note

It’s graduation season. Time for commencement speeches. Time to give out advice about how to use your degree to land the job you are seeking.

At a recent graduation speech, a Vice President of a large pharmaceutical company told the graduates this:

“I have never hired someone that did not write a hand-written thank you note”

Advantage: you – if you handwrite a thank you note.

Make sure your thank you note includes details about your prospective job that you learned at your interview.

Thank your interviewer(s).

And (most importantly) ask for the job.

Good Luck in your job search,


P.S. If you don’t have thank you notes on hand, and want something special, personalized, check out the wide variety of custom designed thank you notes available at

P.P.S. Name note cards, formal thank you note cards, fun note cards, and graduation thank you cards are available at Poly Graphics.

P.P.P.S. Custom designed note cards are also available at Poly Graphics. Ask us to design something just for you.

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