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What a nightmare it is to send out invitations that are wrong!

Speed is important – you have to work really fast to correct the bad invitations.

Here is what to do to fix your Invitation Disaster:

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First, figure out how much time you have to fix everything. You probably fall into one of three categories:

  1. Invitations have been ordered, but when you got them you spotted an error
  2. Invitations have been sent out to your guests, and there is enough time to send corrected replacements
  3. Invitations have been sent out to your guests and there is not enough time to send out replacements.


Invitations have been ordered, but when you got them you spotted an error

Contact your invitation vendor as soon as possible. They should have your order on file. A reputable vendor will offer expedited service to fix an error. If the problem was the vendor’s fault, ask for a discount –  review their policies for guarantees and policies on reprints. You may be able to get replacements for no charge if it was your vendor’s problem. Poly Graphics offers a “disaster discount” even if the error was yours.

Since you have the envelopes for your invitations, while you are waiting for replacements to be printed, go ahead and address your envelopes. Then you’ll be ready to send the invitations out when the new, correct ones arrive.

If you’ve made a decision not to go back to your original invitation vendor, look for a new one that can get you replacement invitations quickly. You’ve already ordered one set of invitations that were wrong, you do not have time to order yet another replacement if your new vendor can’t get them right.

Invitations have been sent out to your guests and there is enough time to send corrected replacements

Ask your invitation vendor for a reprint of your order with the corrections made. Hope that they have expedited shipping option, or can at least get your reprints out to you very quickly – like the next day.

If your event is informal, ask your vendor if there is a way to mark the new invitations “updated”, “corrected” or “revised”.

Invitations have been sent out to your guests and there is not enough time to send out replacements

I’m afraid that you are going to have to pick up the phone. Go back to your guest list and call everyone that you sent an invitation to and tell them about the error on your invitations. Make sure that everyone gets the message, or they may show up on the wrong day or the wrong place.

Do you have the email address of your guests? Send an email to your guest list – it can be an extra reminder that the information on the invitations is wrong.

Remind at RSVP Time

If you have asked for an RSVP on your invitations, when your guests respond, remind them guests of the correct date, time, and place.

Damage Control

With your corrected invitations or the night spent on the phone with your guests, the damage caused by wrong invitations can be brought under control. If you have particularly forgetful guests, you might want to remind them again as the party gets closer…. make sure your crazy Aunt Millie gets there OK!

Here are some invitation disasters that we have seen and how we fixed them

The biggest invitation disasters happen when your proofreading didn’t catch a problem and you send your invitations out with wrong information on them. Here are a few examples of disasters that we have helped fix.

Venue Change

The place Sherry thought that her celebration was going to be held called you to tell her that they were double-booked and that her reservation was canceled. Sherry was about to send her invitations out, but had not yet.

Solution: Reprint ASAP. Replacement invitations were sent out the same day we knew about the problem. Sherry received a “disaster discount” because just a small change was needed to the existing order on file. Sherry addressed her envelopes while waiting the 2 days for her replacements to arrive.

Date Change

The Church that planned Kathy’s son’s Confirmation decided to change the Confirmation to Saturday from Sunday. Kathy had not sent invitations out, but had addressed the envelopes.

Solution: Reprint ASAP. Replacement invitations were sent out the day after we knew about the problem. Kathy received a “disaster discount” because just a small change was needed to the existing order on file.

Left A Name Off

We printed some return address labels for debra, but accidently left her husband’s name off. Debra received the labels and when her husband saw them he asked if they were getting divorced. After a laugh, Debra called us to tell us we made an error. She did not want her friends to think that she was alone.

Solution: Reprint ASAP. Replacement labels were sent out the day after we knew about the problem. Debra received the replacements for free because it was an error on our part..

Quick Action Helps

Sure, there are much worse disasters than wrong invitations, but with some quick action your celebration won’t be affected at all.

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P.S. I hope you never have an Invitation Disaster, but if you do, we’re here for you.


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8 Responses to “How to Recover from Invitation Disasters”

  1. Coletta Pinciaro Says:

    Just bookmarked the site. Interesting info.

  2. Star Says:

    I just found your website via Yahoo answers, a really good read, thanks.

  3. Cathi Lewis Says:

    We sent out wedding shower invitations to the groom sides entire wedding invitations list addressing them to Mr. and Mrs.!! What do we do now?? They will receive the invitation today.

    Thanks for your help!!


  4. polymon Says:

    How many invitations have you sent out?

    Are you able to call everyone to tell them what happened?

    I assume that not everyone on the list is married – in which case they might laugh at your mistake, or
    that you only wanted to invite either just the ladies and not their spouses (if they are married).

    If you can’t call them all, you’ll need to send a corrected invitation ASAP.

    Can we help you with those?

    Good luck with your dilemma, Bob

  5. Roza Wojtas Says:

    My brother recommended I might like this web site. He was totally right. This post actually made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  6. Gale Chargualaf Says:

    Event planners should know about when they need to do it perfect.

  7. Mary Palcisko Says:

    The wedding invitations were sent out without the date of the ceremony. How can this be corrected? Do you announce the ceremony and reception on the same invitation or are they on separate cardstock? Do you list the bridal registry on the invitation?

  8. polymon Says:

    Wow! I can’t believe that proofreading didn’t catch that there was no date on the invitations.
    You’ll have to send something else out – another new invitation, maybe similar but without the response card perhaps.

    Yes, ceremony and reception should be on the same invitation. We usually say “reception to follow”

    Usually we include many pieces in with the wedding invitation: response card with possible food selections and the number of guests that you are bringing, directions, and maybe an additional card with gift registry information. Call us and we can help you.

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