After reading about the bride that refuses to send thank you notes to those that gave her wedding gifts, I started to wonder… have we lost our manners?  The bride simply refused to write “thank you for the gift”. How ungrateful. Maybe she’s putting it off because it is not fun.

Is Writing Thank You Notes Painful?

It is sometimes painful to write thank you notes. What you have got to do to get over the pain is to change shoes. Put yourself in the gift giver’s shoes. I’m sure they put some thought into your gift. If you had given them a gift instead, wouldn’t you like to know that they appreciated it?

Show Your Appreciation

In your thank you note tell them that you appreciated their gift. Even if you’ve returned it already, let them know you enjoyed seeing them and appreciate the thought they put into your gift.

At A Loss for Words?

If you don’t know what to say in your thank you note, use a trick that my grandmother taught me. When she received a gift she wasn’t sure that she liked, she’d say “Isn’t that something!”  Of course, everything is something!

Use the same trick when you write your thank you notes – write your gift was really something!

Please don’t be rude. Please take the time to thank those that give you a gift.


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P.S. Wasn’t this post something?!

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I stumbled upon the website and was curious about how many places has customers – how many towns across the nation have ordered from us.

After a quick database query to pull unique zip codes (if we have shipped to a zip code many times, I only got the zip code once). The total zip codes came to over 6000!

I fed the data to TargetMap and here’s what came out

invitations have been sent by Poly Graphics to these places

That’s not bad for a little ‘ol shop in Apex, NC.

Can we ship some invitations to you?

We’d be happy to.

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P.S. Do you live outside the United States?  We’ll ship to you – via USPS Global.

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The traditional school year is winding down… and it’s time to give your teacher a gift for all the time and help they have given.

Are you looking for an awesome teacher gift?

teacher at blackboard note cards

How about some personalized note cards for your teacher?

male teacher and kids note card

Printed with your teacher’s name in bright colors… in quantities as low as 12, these can also be packaged in a nice clear gift box for an extra $1.

note card for teacher with flowers

As with all products from Poly Graphics – all colors, fonts, and wording can be changed to the way you like them.

Thanks teachers!


P.S. We’ll be happy to create some great pool party invitations for your “school’s out” party.

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