Here’s an example of a Special Request Announcement Crafted by Poly Graphics

A few weeks ago we received a special request from Carmen for a graduation announcement. She wanted to include 3 photos. A young photo of her son, a photo of him as he is today, and a graduation cap. Carmen wanted a folded card that had her son’s young photo on the front, then his graduation photo and graduation announcement wording inside. We said “Yes”. This was definitely something that we could do for Carmen.

A few days later Janet, one of our designers, crafted what you see here. The announcements turned out great! These photos don’t do it justice – it really looks nice in person. (we blurred the wording intentionally in the inside photo)

Graduation Announcement with child and graduate photos

Carmen saw the draft that Janet prepared and was very happy. When Carmen received the announcements, she was overjoyed. Carmen got more than she expected!

inside of a photo graduation announcement

Carmen’s announcement special request was completed – from asking to delivery-  in 2 weeks time. Her unique announcements were limited to exactly how many she wanted – truly personalized printing. We kept one to use as a sample because it turned out so great.

For most special requests we ask for a week to prepare the design. With busy days at Poly Graphics and our children’s schedules we can usually find time in a week for special requests, but not in our normal 24 hour turnaround.

We do not charge extra for special requests if the design is something that we can add to the invitation collection at We did have to charge a design fee when we had a request for an Ultimate Frisbee + Wine Tasting Wedding Shower. If your event is something that other people may want to buy from our website, and not as unique as the frisbee + wine tasting celebration there will be no design charge.

Note that our availability for Special Requests is limited, so please give us plenty of lead time. If we have several special requests already underway, yours may be delayed because we just cannot fit everything into the time we have. Please understand that we want to do our best work for you and to craft the perfect announcement for you takes time.

If you have a Special Request, ask here

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P.S. Thank you for the opportunity to prepare something special for your celebration

P.P.S. When you order from Poly Graphics you are getting personalized, limited edition cards, that are crafted to your specifications.

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Personalized note cards in a clear gift box

Personalized note cards are an excellent gift idea.

As a teacher gift, as a unique thank you, or for a friend’s birthday or celebration.

Ask Poly Graphics to put them in a clear gift box for an even bigger impact.

If you’d like us to ship your gift directly to your recipient, we’ll take a photo of your gift before we send it out – and email it to you – so that you can see the gift that you’ve sent.


P.S. Enjoy your search for note cards and remember that at we can make almost unlimited changes to your order – to graphics, fonts, and colors of both. Let us know what changes you’d like us to make in the special instructions part of the order form.

P.P.S. If you don’t see a design that you like at Poly Graphics, we’ll be happy to create something for you. Just Ask.

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Give the Joy of a Handwritten Thank You Note

How do you thank people?

Call them?  Great. It’s personal and they get to hear the emotion in your voice.

Send an email? Nice. You thought enough about them to take the time to write something.

Write a note in your own handwriting?  This is the best. You took the time to take a pen in hand and compose a thoughtful thank you. This shows that you really appreciate what that person did for you.

And a personalized thank you note from Poly Graphics can also reflect you – the design on the front of the note can include your name, your initials, your favorite sport,  hobby, car, or even your tattoo!  Let us know what you want on your note cards and we’ll design something for you.

Order your personalized thank you cards from Poly Graphics – envelopes are always included for free.