I found this on a website that wanted to sell me something. They wanted me to buy, but I could not because their use of the English language was  so bad.

Can you see what I saw?

Read it again if you haven’t found it yet.

Proofreading is important. Having another set of eyes – or even several sets – review what you’ve done before the world sees it. It’ll save you from embarrassing things like spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes.

Did you see the episode of The Apprentice last year when they spelled Liza Minnelli’s name wrong? Somehow Liza’s name was spelled wrong on both the poster and place cards for all the guests at an exclusive dinner. Luckily it was caught in time and the printer re-printed everything at a big discount.

When you order invitations from Poly Graphics we have at least two people review what you have written. We help you avoid embarrassment by looking for spelling, grammar, and usage errors. Even the one made above.

Did you find the problem?  There’s a big hint below.

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P.S. We are human and sometimes make mistakes. We do our darndest to make sure everything is perfect on your invitations, but if we do mess up, we’ll fix it as soon as we can for free.

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“You’re Invited” or “Your Invited”?

This drives me crazy.

The only time you should use “Your Invited” is when you are putting another word right after Invited that describes who you have invited, like “Your Invited Guests”, or “Your Invited Friends”. Here, your invited describes the guests, or describes the friends.

You’re Invited means You Are Invited.

Your Invited, by itself, means nothing – Your Invited What?

You Are Invited to use You’re Invited on any informal invitation at Poly Graphics.

If you enter your wording as Your Invited on your online order form at Poly Graphics, we will correct it to say You’re Invited

In short, don’t use Your Invited  on your invitation.



P.S. That felt good to get that out

P.P.S. Yes, your wording is proofread when you order from Poly Graphics. We proofread it once when we prepare your draft, and we proofread it again after it is printed. Double-proofed!

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All orders placed at Poly Graphics include these for no extra charge:

  1. Free Proofs
  2. A personal web page to review and approve your order
  3. 24 business hours* or less draft preparation
  4. Ability to fully customize your order – fonts, colors, graphics – all can be changed the way you like them.

Invitation and note card orders also include:

  1. Free Envelopes (and we always add an extra or two)
  2. Proofreading to make sure you include date, time, place, and RSVP information for each invitation
  3. High quality card stock (no flimsy paper)

Be careful when shopping for your party invitations – not all online invitation merchants include these items in their price!

Happy shopping,


*The business days at Poly Graphics are Monday thru Friday, with exceptions only for major United States holidays. If you order on a Monday your order will be ready to review within 24 hours – or on Tuesday. If you order on a Friday your draft will be ready before the end of Monday.