Earth Day 1020 is fast approaching… it’s Saturday, April 22, 2010.

I encourage you to do your best every day to re-use and re-cycle as much as you can.

Poly Graphics works every day to not add to landfills.

The paper we use to create your invitations is from companies that support sustainable forestry programs like the Sustainable Forestry Initiative or FSC – Forestry Stewardship Council (The Independant Assurance for Responsbile Forest Management).

Poly Graphics recycles about 97% of our waste. We re-use newspaper and re-use packing ‘peanuts’. We recycle our used toner cartridges and replacable printer parts. We do all that we can to minimize waste and keep our extras, proofs, and trimmings out of the dump. We re-use shipping boxes that are in good shape. If we can’t re-use a box, we recycle it. Even with all this effort, there are some things we have to throw away because our town does not accept them for recycling.

Eveything that we can recycle or re-use we do recycle or re-use.


P.S. Like Kermit the Frog, sometimes it’s not easy being Green.

At Poly Graphics we try to re-use newspaper and packing paper as much as we can.

Recently my sister cleaned out her storage space – she emptied many boxes of stuff that she ended up giving away to family or bringing to the dump. Left behind were several boxes full of packing paper – a great thing for Poly Graphics to re-use when we ship our invitation orders. We just couldn’t stand seeing this good packing paper be thrown away.

We’ve been using up the packing paper in the boxes that we ship out.

Last week we found something inside the paper… something hard. Unrolling the packing paper left us with this fishy thing.

My sister lost this wooden fish in the packing paper!  We think it was part of a game – a fishing game that uses magnets… because the fish has a magnet on its nose.

We’re glad we didn’t send this fish to a customer!


P.S. Are you re-using and re-cycling? Poly Graphics re-uses and recycles as much as we can… any waste that we have that our our town recycles, gets recycled.

P.S.S. When we run out of packing paper we’ll switch to using newspaper to pad our boxes.

November 15th, 2009 is America Recycles Day

How much do you recycle?

At Poly Graphics we recycle as much as can – we wish we could recycle everything, but our local community will not take plastics besides #1 and #2. So even though some plastics have a recycle symbol on them, we have no way to do so.

We collect and recycle our cardboard, waste office paper, #1 and #2 plastics, aluminum, and glass.  All packing materials we receive we re-use… like packing foam peanuts, bubble wrap, and air-filled packing cushions. We reuse our newspaper as packing material too. If you order from us a few times you’ll see a variety of ways your cards are cushioned in your box.

The paper we use in our custom printed invitations is  from companies that support the SFI – Sustainable Forestry Inititive or FSC – Forest Stewardship Council, The Independant Assurance for Responsbile Forest Management.

Please join us in keeping anything you can recycle out of landfills. Our country and our children will appreciate it.