What? No Instant Preview of My Invitation Design?

People who have ordered from other online invitation companies sometimes say that they would like to see an instant preview. But most understand after working with Poly Graphics that not having an instant preview is actually better.

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And here are 5 reasons why having a dedicated designer is better than instant preview:

  1. It saves you time. You don’t have to fiddle and move your wording around to fit the design. Instead of taking 30 minutes for you to get it all looking right, just take 5 minutes to type your party information. We just need your wording, not your time.
  2. It’s more comforting. One of our designers proofreads your wording – looking for stuff you left out, misspellings, correct English and word usage. At least two people review your order before it is finalized for you.
  3. People are better at design than machines. All you have to do is look a Jeopardy and the Watson computer. IBM spent years and untold money building a machine that is he size of 10 refrigerators to play a game. Yeah, Watson’s good at it, the machine beat the humans in the game. But design is a different story. The human eye can detect things that a computer cannot. Look and feel are not things that a machine is good at.
  4. We will work with you until you are happy. When you place your order we are immediately notified and your requests are sent to a designer. 24 hours or less later, a draft is prepared for you to review. If we didn’t get it just like you expected, tell us and we’ll fix it.
  5. The many tweaks and corrections that a designer can make cannot be done with just an online preview. For instance, we have a font that we use that has a capital I that looks like a J. If you choose that font for your invitation, we look over all your text and manually replace all the funny looking I’s with a replacement that we have developed.

Are you worried about it taking longer to receive your order because a designer is working on your order? Don’t worry. When you place your order we are immediately notified and your requests are sent directly to a designer. 24 weekday hours or less later, a draft is crafted for you to review. If we didn’t get it just like you expected, we’ll work with you until you are happy.

Most orders ship within 3 days. Rush orders ship the same or next weekday.

Does that make you feel better?

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P.S. Can you tell that we like to get your order approved and to you as soon as we can?

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Invitations start a party.

A party invitation gives your guests an idea about what the party is going to be like – what will happen, what you’ll do, eat, and talk about.

A great invitation will get your guests excited about your party when they receive it.  And look forward to attending.

Make sure your invitation describes what you want your party to be like. We can help you use graphics, colors, and words to represent the party you are throwing. All party invitations at PolyGraphics.com are fully customizable by you. We can change everything on the invitation to make them the way you want them.  Just ask for the changes you want to graphics, colors, and wording in the special instructions part of the order form at Poly Graphics.

We’ll help you start your party – exactly the way you’d like your party to start.

Try Poly Graphics!

Are you looking for party invitations online and want to order & receive the invitations quickly?

Give us your wording and our designers will lay out your text so that it fits nicely on the invitation you have chosen.

You don’t need to be the designer – Poly Graphics has people for that.

All we need is the design you’d like and your wording and we will locate, space, and size the words so that they look great on the invitation.

We’ll tell you when our designer has completed your sample (which is within 24 business hours of your order) and direct you to your personal web page that has your invitation draft and any other items you have ordered. Your sample is created to look exactly like the design you have selected, with your wording and everything. There is a place to write back to Poly Graphics if we need to make corrections or additions to your order. If you like the way it looks, let us know and we’ll print and ship by the next business day.

Ordering from Poly Graphics is simple, easy, and fun.


P.S. If you do know specifics about how you want your order designed, let us know in the Special Instructions field

P.P.S. If you want your order shipped quicker than our normal 48-72 hours, choose our Rush option – we’ll design, print, and ship either the day of your order or the following business day.

P.P.P.S. The shipping method you select for your order determines how long it takes to get from Poly Graphics in Apex, NC to you. USPS Express Mail ($25) is usually next day, UPS 2nd Day Air ($18) takes 2 days, and UPS Ground service varies (see chart).

At Poly Graphics we have graphic designers work on your order.

Our designers place your text, size the graphics, and color the design to your specifications.

It’s not a computer that centers your text. You don’t have to be the person that places everything where you’d like it. We will happily take your instructions for layout, but they are not needed. The Poly Graphics designer does the work for you.

We also proofread your invitation wording. We look for common grammar errors, spelling, punctuation, and extra spacing that you may have accidentally included when your wording was entered on our order form. If we find something questionable, we’ll let you know. You get personal service with every order you place with Poly Graphics.

Not only do we have a designer giving you personal attention when you order something from Poly Graphics, but we also print a draft copy of your order to be used to proofread the actual printed product. We look again for questionable grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but we also check the colors as well as the position of the text and graphics. Then we look to make sure the printer printed what we thought it should have. There are many checks that your order goes through before Poly Graphics sends it to you.

I hope this gives you an appreciation for the care that is put into every order we receive.

Thanks for letting Poly Graphics be a part of your celebration.


Poly Graphics creates fully customizable invitations for you.

“Fully customizable invitations” means that you can change anything.

We start with a blank card. There are no graphics, no colors, and no wording. We will modify the design, colors, and wording to your specifications.

Want it red?  We’ll make it red!

Want it smaller and in the corner? OK, we’ll do that for you.

Want a different type style? Mixed colors in the wording? – Yes, we can accommodate you.

Special Instructions - on Poly Graphics Order Form

Special Instructions on the Poly Graphics Order Form

Please use the special instructions section of the Poly Graphics order form to tell us your desires. We’ll do our best to take the design you’ve chosen, take your special instructions, and create the card that you want. We will prepare a draft for you to review online before we print. If what we’ve created doesn’t match with what you requested, we will correct it. We won’t print until we get your approval.

U.S. State Moving Announcement for Georgia

U.S. State Moving Announcement for Georgia

For example, notice that on our U.S. State moving announcements we place the city or town that you are moving to on the map of the state. If your location is under a graphic that we’ve placed on the sample, we move the graphic around so that we can see your town’s location.

Fully customizable cards are what you get from Poly Graphics.