Love It Guarantee

Love it or send it back for a refund.

You Will Love It - Guaranteed

If You Don't Love It, Send it back for a refund.
If you are not entirely 100% pleased with your order and love it when it arrives, send it back. We'll refund your money. We put our heart & soul into your cards and you will see that when they arrive.

If something is not what you expected, let us know. We will fix mistakes as soon as humanly possible.

If you don't like your invitations or note cards for any reason, return them for a full refund. The only questions we will ask are "what is wrong?" and "how can we do better for you?"

Even though everything we sell is fully personalized according to your directions, you can still get a refund. We feel that sure that you will love what you buy from Poly Graphics

No Mistakes

If we make a mistake, we will fix it as soon as possible. We perform multiple proofs and reviews of every piece of your order so that we deliver a quality and error-free product every time you shop with us. We are human and mistakes happen. We'll fix any mistakes we make as soon as humanly possible.

Please Review Your Draft Carefully!

We will print what you approve. Please make sure that the font, spelling, capitalization, colors, and times are correct and are correctly formatted. We look for and try to correct grammar errors, but if we are unsure of something we will print what you request.

If, after you confirm correctness of your draft and receive your order a mistake is found, we will reprint your order at a reduced price.

24 Hour Draft Preparation Guarantee

We'll prepare a draft of your order within 24 business hours. We define business hours as Monday thru Friday, non United States Holiday days. So if you order at 1:00 p.m. on a Monday, your draft will be ready by 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday. But if you order at 1:00 p.m. on a Friday, your draft will be ready by 1:00 p.m. on the next Monday, if it is not a holiday.

But if you request RUSH Processing on your order, your draft will be prepared as soon as possible, no matter what day it is. And RUSH orders get shipped ASAP after approval. RUSH means you get moved to the top of the line for everything.

Please note that we do not work on Sundays, but you are more than welcome to order anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please Order Early

Please order early, order a couple extra cards, and check your order when you receive it. This will make sure that there is enough time to fix any problems or errors, ours or yours.


We do our best to ship the most efficient way for both of us. If there is a problem receiving your shipment, we will help determine what the problem is. We expect our customers to make their best effort to receive their order before asking for a refund or a reprint for reasons of non-delivery. If you act in a timely manner, any problems with your shipment should be able to be quickly resolved.

Please be aware that weekends are not considered business days for UPS shipping purposes. Which means that a 2nd Day Package shipping on a Thursday will not arrive until Monday (as long as Monday is not a holiday). Poly Graphics prints and ships as soon as we can when we receive your approval.

Sometimes delays happen once the shipment is out of our hands. If a guaranteed receipt date package is delivered later than promised by our carrier, we will refund your shipping costs. [Note that USPS Priority Mail packages do not have a guaranteed receipt date] If the package arrives so late that you want a full refund, you must ship the package back to us at your expense before we can refund your money. Of course, if the package is lost and never gets to you, you will be fully refunded.


We'll take back any product you are not satisfied with. Return these items within 10 days of receiving them. If you ordered the wrong thing or don't like it, you are responsible for the return shipping. When we receive your package we will credit your account.

Our personalized products are skillfully crafted especially for you according to your instructions – we work one-on-one with you to make sure we get everything absolutely correct before we ship to you.

If we messed up, let us know. We'll fix the problem and ship the correction as soon as we can. We will ship the correction by the same method the original order was shipped.


Poly Graphics has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. This is the best rating that a business can get.

Poly Graphics has a 5 Star Rating with Shopper Approved. Please click on the Shopper Approved link to read reviews.

We are here to serve you. Our goal is to make you happy and for you to become a friend. We work hard to earn your trust and want to be here for you for years to come. Poly Graphics filled our first order in October, 1995. We've been doing this for quite some time and would like to continue. If there is a problem or you expected more, please let us know. If you like what we crafted for you, please let your friends know!

A+ Member of the Better Business Bureau

Personal Attention

We go to great lengths to assure you that you get individual attention. We would like to grow - we want every customer to be a satisfied customer. If you like us please tell your friends - there is no better advertisement than word of mouth!

Online Draft Approval

Poly Graphics will post a draft of your order on your own personal web page so that you can verify spelling, dates, and all details. To view and approve your draft(s), you will need to fill in your last name and customer number. You can send us a message (approval or other) directly from your draft page. This personal web page allows us to communicate back and forth, without relying on email (which is sometimes unpredictable), until you are satisfied.

Quick, Quality Service

If you order with the Rush option, we prepare your draft, print and ship as soon as possible (the same day you order or the next weekday) Other, non-rush orders usually ship within 3 weekdays (Mon-Fri, non-holiday). Please view and comment on your drafts as soon as you can. When you say "approved" your order will be printed as quickly as we can. Our goal is to make you completely happy with our products and service.

Color Variances

We do our best to print what you see on the screen. But to get exact colors, your display has to be calibrated to match our display and our printer has to be calibrated to show the exact same colors. This is impossible. We do the best we can to get the colors you see on screen on the design that you select.

Policy Changes
Poly Graphics reserves the right to change these policies on an individual basis to make sure our customers are satisifed with our service and quality of our products. We also reserve the right to change policies in the interest of perserving Poly Graphics' business integrity.

Poly Graphics is a member of the Poly Graphics is a Member of the Apex Chamber of Commerce Apex Chamber of Commerce

These policies updated February 10, 2012