Thank You Cards

many more for you to choose from. Cancer Awareness Notecards  These Cancer Awareness notecards are popular. They have the color ribbon that symbolizes the disease on the front of each card. AND . . . We will donate 10% of the purchase price from any Cause Awareness Notecard that you order. The charity that we donate to will be decided by Poly Graphics and based on the color note card that is ordered. Great for gifts!
many more for you to choose from. Family Notecards  These popular notecards have the family name in the middle, and the background of the card is made up of a repeating pattern of everyone's first names. Great for gifts!
many more for you to choose from. Name Notecards  These note cards are simply your desired name on the front with a choice of a plain, single border or double border.
many more for you to choose from. Monogram and Initials Notecards  Choose from several styles of initials and monogram note cards with your choice of a plain, single border or double border to give them your own personal style.
many more for you to choose from. Fancy Corner Notecards  These thank you personalized notecards are for someone who prefers a formal touch. Fancy enough for weddings and anniversaries, but also great for personal stationery.
many more for you to choose from. Kids Notecards   Our note cards for kids can be used for thank you notes or just letters to friends and family. There are several birthday themed cards, as well as specialty party cards such as sleepover slumber party, magic or magician theme, princess party, pool party, horse theme, gymnastics, sports, gem mining, clown, jewelry party, pirate, rock climbing, construction, strawberry picking, dinosaur, treasure hunt, and truck theme. And of course, if you don't see what you want, just ask!
many more for you to choose from. Adult Birthday Notecards   Our adult birthday thank you Notecards match the invitations we have to help make your celebration perfect!
many more for you to choose from. Baby Notecards  Our baby notecards are adorable and completely unique! We have baby footprints, Noah's Ark, ladybug, ballerina bear, racecar, rocking horse, teddy bear, train, Christmas, New Year's, trucks, sports, trains, and much more.. even a note card for an expecting Harley motorcycle mom! There are also thank you notes for babies adopted from China and Russia.
many more for you to choose from. School / Graduation Notecards   School themed note cards are perfect for teacher gifts! They can be personalized with the teacher's name and even the name of the school. We also many great graduation thank
you note designs.
many more for you to choose from. Sports Notecards   We have notecards for all sorts of sports enthusiasts! Our collection is always growing. If you want a sport we don't have, please email us and we might be able to suit your needs. So far we have soccer, tennis, baseball, golf, gymnastics, horseback riding, jumprope, roller hockey, basketball, ballet, rowing or crew, sailing, skiiing, aerobics, swimming, softball, wrestling, and taekwando.
many more for you to choose from. Sweet 16 Notecards   Thank you notes for your little princess' 16th birthday party.
many more for you to choose from. Halloween Notecards   Thank you notes for Halloween Parties. Ghosts, goblins, scary witches, pumpkins, black cats, candy corn, trick or treat kids...find them here!
many more for you to choose from. Animal Notecards   Our animal notecard collection is always growing. Email us if there's an animal you want that we don't have. So far we have kitten and cat notecards, cow Notecards, farm animal Notecards, dog note cards, birds, farm theme, fish, horses, sharks, dinosaurs, kangaroo, giraffe, hippopotamus, dolphin, killer whale, and penguin note cards, and even one designed for a veterenarian.
many more for you to choose from. Hobby Notecards   Have a hobby? We have or can design a notecard that fits your hobby. We have notecards with photography, cross stitch, painting, fishing, square dancing, drama, knitting, arts and crafts, an easel, science, race cars, horse jumping, rock climbing, dirt bikes, motorcycle riding, and beauty consulting. Email us and tell us what hobby you have that you would like notecards for!
many more for you to choose from. Music Notecards   Our music notecard collection has a general music lover's notecard with musical notes, and many other notecards with specific musical instruments on them. We have violin, piano, clarinet, drums, french horn, bass, saxaphone, trumpet, musical notes, guitar, and accordion so far. There are even a few whimsical ones too!
many more for you to choose from. Religious Notecards   We have several cross designs; a Chalice and Rosary Communion design for your child's First Communion; Noah's Ark, and a design for the Catholic Daughters organization. These Notecards are great for baptism and communion thank yous as well as general use.
many more for you to choose from. Informal Wedding / Bridal Shower Notecards   We have a wonderful selection of notecards to match our informal wedding invitations and our bridal shower invitations. Order these notecards to accompany the invitations or alone as a special shower gift for the bride to be. We have clear gift boxes that give your notecard gift that special touch.
many more for you to choose from. Floral Notecards   Our floral notecards will please all the flower lovers on your list. We have contemporary and traditional designs, specific flower species and gardening themes. These notecards make beautiful gifts!
many more for you to choose from. US State Notecards   Our US State notecards feature a map of your state with decorations such as the state flower, bird, animal or another feature that your state is known for. The town of your choice is highlighted with a dot on the map and the town name. These notecards make unique gifts!
many invitations for you to choose from. Miscellaneous Notecards  Here is where we keep the notecard designs that might not fit into any of the other categories above. We have quite an assortment, so check them out! As always, email us if you don't see what you are looking for.

"The cards are SO cute! Thank you for getting them out so quickly. Our friends and family will be delighted!"