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    • Fast, Easy & Fun?

      Getting great invitations fast, that are easy to order, and having fun in the process is what this place is all about. If you don't have the fastest, easiest, and most fun invitation ordering experience here, we want to know about it!

    • How Do I Order?

      Ordering is super easy - find a design and give us your words - we do the rest according to your instructions. Visit How This Site Works and What to Expect for more information.

    • What can I change on my invitation?

      Almost everything! - All graphics and all text. We can change colors and location of all text and graphics on the product you are interested in. Use the Special Instructions section of our order page to specify the details of how you'd like the design you select to be changed. We'll do our best to prepare your draft to your specifications. If we draft it different than you thought, let us know - we'll redo it.
    • How long will my order take?

      Most orders take 3 weekdays from the time you order until the time they are shipped. Your proof will be posted within 24 business hours (weekdays) of receiving your order. We usually do not work on Sundays and holidays. When you approve your proof*, we will print your order and ship it to you within 2 business days (we ship via UPS and USPS). For shipping times, see our turnaround time page.

      Note that UPS does not deliver Ground and 2nd day packages on the weekends. The two Saturday delivery options are USPS Priority Mail and USPS Express Mail (which is usually overnight).

      * Approving Your Proof: We want you to get your invitations as soon as possible. If we don't hear from you within a few days of making the draft available, we will try to contact you by phone and email. We will make several attempts to contact you by phone and email. If we still don't hear from you, we will ship it without approval.

    • How much is shipping?

      • USPS Priority: $7.95
      • UPS Ground: $18.95
      • UPS 2nd Day Air: $28.95
      • USPS Express Mail: $34.95 (usually overnight to most of the US)
      • Overseas: $38.95 (charges may vary, we'll notifiy you if it is more)

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    • Does Poly Graphics ship Internationally? To Alaska? To Hawaii?

      Yes. We'll ship via USPS - we charge $38.95, but this amount is an estimate. We will notifiy you before we prepare your draft if shipping to your location is more. We ship from zip code 27502 (Apex, North Carolina, USA)
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    • What is your paper like?

      example of 80lb cover paper Our standard paper is 80lb - 110lb Cover Paper.
      It is heavy paper that can be sent as a postcard, but we include envelopes with your order unless you request otherwise. Our stock is heavier than an index card, kind of like a business card in weight and feel.

      See photo for an example of 50 sheets of normal office paper next to 50 sheets of 80lb cover paper.

      Our linen (upgraded paper) is similar in weight to the smooth cover, but has a "woven" texture to it.
      The linen paper has a very nice feel and you should consider it for formal invitations, or for any special announcements or celebration.

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      example of linen paper
    • When is my credit card charged?

      Although we require your credit card information before we create your draft, we won't charge your card until after you approve the design. This allows you to adjust your quantities or add items to your order right up until your order is sent to print.
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    • What happens when I pay by Money Order?

      We wait until we receive your money order before preparing your draft. Because there is labor involved in preparing a draft, we need to have your payment in hand before beginning work. We hope you understand.
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    • What size are the invitations? Note Cards? Seals?

      size of invitations, note cards, announcements, and seals

      Invitations and Announcements are 5 inches by 7 inches, flat.
      Christmas cards and folded announcements are 5 inches by 7 inches, folded.
      Note Cards are 5.5 inches by 4.25 inches, folded.
      Response Cards and personal note cards are 5.5 inches by 4.25 inches, flat.
      Seals & Stickers are available in 1.5 inch or 2.5 inch round, or 1 inch by 1.5 inches rectangular.
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    • Can I trust Poly Graphics?

      Poly Graphics is Five Star Shopper Approved Poly Graphics has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have received nearly 2000 5 star reviews from ShopperApproved. We value integrity very highly. We are here to serve you. Our goal is to make you a happy customer and a friend. We want to earn your trust and to be here for you for years to come. Poly Graphics filled our first order in October, 1995. This website started soon afterwards. We've been doing this for quite some time and would like to continue - with your help!
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    • Can you print in Spanish? Other Languages?

      Yes. We've designed many cards using Spanish. If it is unclear where tildas, accents and special characters go, please use the Special Instructions space to clarify. We may be able to print in other languages. Contact us for information
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    • Can I cancel my order?

      Your order will be custom drafted by our designers to your specifications quickly after we receive your paid order. We take great care to follow your directions when creating your proofs, and we appreciate your trust in us to do our best work. Orders cannot be canceled after they are printed.
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    • Can I get a refund?

      We'll take back and give you a refund for any product you are not satisfied with. Return these items within 10 days of receiving them. If you ordered the wrong thing or don't like it, you are responsible for the return shipping. When we receive your package we will credit your account.

      Our personalized products are designed especially for you - that is why we take such care in preparing them.

      If we messed up, let us know. We'll fix the problem and ship the correction as soon as we can. We will ship the correction by the same method the original order was shipped.
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    • Can I get my birth announcement envelopes in advance?

      If you order 50 or more birth announcements, we'll send your envelopes in advance by request so you can address them before the birth of your child. No extra charge. Ask for your envelopes in the Special Instructions section of the order form.
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    • Can I send an invitation or announcement as a post card?

      We print on (80lb/100lb cover) card stock (it's like index card weight) that can be used as a post card if you wish to save on postage. We include envelopes with all of our orders - but tell us you're going to use them as post cards (4"x6") and we won't include the envelopes (and we'll give you a price break if you ask nicely). See an example of how thick our card stock is at our blog Paper Weight - A Visual Difference
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    • Can I get an invitation in digital form? (PDF, GIF, JPG, etc)

      Contact us if you want a digital copy of your invitation to imbed in an email, post on your Facebook page, etc.
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    • Can I use the images on this website?

      No. Poly Graphics owns the rights to all designs and images that appear on this website. The images here are the way we make a living. You may not copy or use any part of the graphics on this website in any manner. We put watermarks on our designs to protect them. For more information see the Terms of Service page.
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    • What Wording Will You Print?

      We will print (nearly) any wording you want on your cards. However, keep in mind that more concise is better; it will look neater and be easier for your readers to understand.
      If there is too much wording, we may suggest printing on the back or on a matching insert.
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    • How do you lay out my text?

      Our graphic designer will lay out your wording the way we feel it looks best with your chosen design. However, if you want it formatted another way, just let us know in the "special instructions" section when you order. If you don't like what we did when you see your draft, please let us know and we will fix it to your liking.
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    • Does Poly Graphics have an instant preview?

      No. We have trained graphic designers prepare your design. Our designer works on your order with you one-on-one. She proofreads your wording, then prepares your order to fit your event with your chosen design and typestyle. We have tons of experience – we've been doing this since 1995. Be sure to ask for a draft so that you can see how your item will look before we print. Give us 24 business hours and we'll design your invitation to look great. If you don't like they way our designer has prepared your order, we will work with you until you are happy.
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    • Can I get a proof?

      Yes. We strongly suggest you ask for a draft (proof). After receiving payment for your order and within 24 business hours, we design your card and post a proof so you can check it over and make sure it looks just the way you want. Check carefully; everyone makes mistakes, and that includes both of us! After you approve the proof, we are no longer responsible for overlooked mistakes! If you do find a mistake on the proof before we print (ours or yours), just let us know and we will correct it and re-post the proof. The sample you approve is what we'll print - unless you ask for a change.

      Approving Your Proof: We want you to get your invitations as soon as possible. If we don't hear from you within a few days of making the draft available, we will try to contact you by phone and email. If we still don't hear from you, we will ship it without approval.

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    • Will it look exactly like my proof when I receive it??

      No. It will look Better. Computer screens and internet images are about 72 pixels per inch. Your cards will be printed at 600 dots per inch. Some customers have raved about the brilliant colors of their invitations.

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    • Is my design in stock?

      Always! We start with a blank piece of paper and print the graphics and your wording at the same time. This gives us ultimate control over how your invitation/announcement looks. We never run out - because everything is printed from scratch just for you!
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    • TIPS: As you are creating an invitation, don't forget:

      • the date,
      • time and
      • place of the occasion,
      • your name and
      • a phone number for RSVP.

      For more tips, refer to these blog posts:
      4 Essential Parts of Invitation Wording
      Using A.M. and P.M. on your Invitation
      How to Address an Envelope
      You're Invited or Your Invited?
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    • If you wish to give directions

      to your event, it would probably be better to include them on a separate sheet inside the invitation. We can help you with direction inserts.
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    • Need help with wording?

      Do you want your words to rhyme? Try a rhyming word website like Rhymezone or Rhymer
      If you like the sample wording of an invitation that you are ordering, just give us your differences and our designers will use your information to complete the wording.
      Do you Have other wording questions?
      Just ask when you place the order. We've been creating these invitations for many years and can probably provide some suggestions.
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    • How early should I mail invitations?

      Wedding invitations should be sent out four to six weeks prior to the event. During holiday seasons, allow for extra time.

      Informal event invitations should be sent about three weeks before the event.

      If your location needs a firm count of attendees before the event, be sure to give yourself an extra day or two to follow up on those who are slow to respond.

      If you have a date, but not all the details for an event, use "Save the Date" cards to inform your guests. This is especially nice if travel arrangements need to be made.
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    • Order more than you need!

      It costs more and takes extra time to have invitations and announcements reprinted. It may be better for you to order a few extra than to be caught short. If you find that you do need extras, we can accomodate you - we keep your design on file for at least a year.
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    • Does Poly Graphics sell blank invitations (no wording)?

      Yes. Click the checkbox on the order form near the wording section. Realize that ordering invitations without wording means that you have to print the wording yourself. Please understand that your printer must handle the size (5" x 7") and paper weight (80-110lb cover) of our invitations. See an example of how thick our card stock is at our blog. Paper Weight - A Visual Difference
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    • Is Poly Graphics a Green company?

      Yes. The paper we use to create our invitations is from companies that support sustainable forestry programs like the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and FSC - Forestry Stewardship Council (The Independant Assurance for Responsbile Forest Management).
      We recycle approximately 97% of our waste. We re-use stuffing and packing materials. We recycle our used toner cartridges and all the replacable printer parts that are allowed. We do all that we can to minimize waste and keep our extras, proofs, and trimmings out of the dump. We re-use shipping boxes that are in good shape. If we can't re-use a box, we recycle it. Some things we have to throw away because our town does not recycle them. Eveything that we can recycle or re-use we do recycle or re-use.
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    • Will you sell or give my name and address to anyone?

      We treat your personal information as if it were our own. We will not sell or give your information to anyone. We contact you to work on your order and to stay in touch so you won't forget us.
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    • Can I have your catalog?

      No. Our website is much more up-to-date than a printed catalog would be. We add new designs to this site all the time. We would have to update a printed catalog weekly for it to show all the designs we have available. If you don't see what you want here - ask us and we'll try to design something for you.
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    • How do I contact Poly Graphics?

      There are several ways - go to our Contact Us page to find out how to email, call, or send Poly Graphics a comment or suggestion. Or visit our blog to read or comment.
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    • When I print samples out, they don't look that good - why?

      Our printers print at a much higher resolution than you see on the screen. The samples you see on our website are optimized for the screen, not for print. Screen resolution is about 72 pixels per inch and your invitations are printed at 600 dots per inch. When we print your invitations, they are crisp and clear.
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    • Is this the Poly Graphics that is sending me spam email or faxing me?

      No. We don't send spam. We don't send unsolicited faxes. We don't send unsolicited emails. Some evil person hijacked our domain for use in their spamming activities. There (apparently) was another company by the name of Poly Graphics that was sending faxes. We're sorry we can't help stop this.
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    • Did we miss something?

      Ask Us
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