Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.
-Psalm 37:4
Poly(many, Poliachik) + Graphics(designs, variety) = Service(quick, friendly, personal)

About Poly Graphics

Poly Graphics was started in early 1995, shortly after the birth of our second child. Darian desperately wanted to find a way to afford to stay home with the children instead of returning to work at her computer programming job. Her grandmother was an artist and she had always had an interest in drawing and painting, which her grandmother nurtured. She put her computer skills together with her drawing skills, and Poly Graphics was born! We started out by attending craft fairs and passing out printed catalogs, then Bob put together a web site so we could branch out and reach more people. The business has grown each year and soon we realized the web site needed a major overhaul to meet our customers' demands. This was the beginning of Darian's education in web site design and development! Thanks to Bob's patient mentoring, she has learned a new skill and you are looking at the result of her effort. We've since greatly enhanced this website and have some great employees to help you with your invitations.

Please let us know if you have any comments (good or bad) or if you find any problems.

Most of all, thank you for recommending Poly Graphics to your friends and family. Word of mouth is the very best advertising!

Bob and Darian Poliachik
Apex, North Carolina

Yogi helps Bob. Yogi Bear
Bob and Darian Bob and Darian

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"LOVE your business!!!! Great options, BEST prices and FAST service!!!!! Thank you...we will be new customers from now on!!!! LOVE your scriptures...will post your card in my study as a reminder of God's desire and your card on the back!" – Jillian G.